Jane Miles Goes Miles to Donate Books

1975161_631065630364376_1653538251125434051_n From Left to Right: Ciana Miles, Abby, Zeus, Jane Miles, Rev. Dr. Karyn Ratcliffe

Not only does she make friends easily and enhance the world with beautiful lighting designs, Capitol Lighting employee, Jane Miles also donates her time to The Packanack Community Church in Wayne, NJ and The Appalachian Service Project (ASP).

Bringing youth, adult, and college volunteers into rural Central Appalachia to make homes warmer, safer, and drier for families in need, the Appalachian Service Project provides life-changing short-term Christian mission trip opportunities.

Service here is a privilege.  The high school students who wish to volunteer are required to raise $500 dollars on their own to donate to the ASP, according to Miles.

Miles and her teenage daughter, Ciana, have found their work with ASP to be most rewarding.  Ciana has even put her mathematical knowledge to work while laying out and repairing flooring on one of their ASP missions!

Over the years, Jane and Ciana Miles have gotten to know and treasure the people they work with and the people they meet along the way…one child in particular has become part of their immediate world.

Abby from Salyersville, KY captured their hearts with her sweet smile and sheer appreciation of all that the ASP has done for her.  And–on May 27, 2015–with the Kentucky Book Run, Jane went one step further to reach out to Abby and enhance the lives of so many.

Kentucky book run

Jane, Ciana, and Senior Minister: Rev. Dr.  Karyn A.  Ratcliffe, collected more than 2,000 books, packed them up in Reverend Karyn’s SUV and hauled them down from the Packanack Community Church to a school in Salyersville, KY.

The lives of 600 children were instantly enriched with this opportunity. Books were setup in the school gym and each grade was brought in to pick a book or two. Jane recalls how appreciative the students were:

These communities have very little outlet for the children. Even a trip to the library presents a hardship.  This is Appalachia coal mining country and these students are so respectful and appreciative of everything!

Jane’s biggest challenge during the Kentucky Book Run…Finding a place to eat and a place to sleep that would welcome her 5-year-old Chihuahua—Zeus!

They did find a fabulous place to eat at “The Best Barbecue Ever” in Morgantown, West VA. Owner, Charlie Heard, a 2-time Olympic wrestler, served them all a fabulous meal and complimentary ice cream for dessert!

As far as a place to sleep for the night…they did manage to sneak Zeus in somewhere, but that destination is top secret!

During the Kentucky Book Run books were also donated to the school library. With 2,000 additional books ready to be donated in Paterson, NJ, Jane’s church will begin collecting books again next spring.




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