3 Major Bathroom Blunders and How to Avoid Them


Bathroom Lighting Design: From Smooth Start to Fine Finish

Contemporary Spa-like bathroom photo by Daniel Newcomb

Exquisite bathroom lighting design for HGTV  Interior Designer, Joseph Pubillones Interiors, Inc.

Photograph by Daniel Newcomb

The bathroom may be the only place where you can close the door, find a bit of quiet time and escape in total privacy.  No matter what the measurable dimensions of your bathroom may be, make this enclosed space a vast oasis to soothe body and soul. 


Avoid the three biggest bathroom lighting and design blunders, and you will be on your way to creating an environment that gives you exactly what you need.


3 Major Bathroom Blunders and How to Avoid Them


#1 Insufficient Illumination at the Mirror


Have you ever checked yourself out in a bathroom or powder room mirror and been horrified by the shadows under your eyes or the appalling pale of your complexion?  While you may sometimes genuinely look a bit haggard and tired, poor lighting design will always bring out your worst…especially when the only illumination is coming directly overhead from a ceiling fixture.


Lighting placed in the center of the ceiling is good for general illumination, but—on its own—a central ceiling fixture will put the face in shadow at the grooming mirror.


Lighting at the bathroom mirror should be plentiful, evenly distributed and free from glare.


Quick fix:

traditional-bathroom (1)


• To light both sides of the face with shadow-free illumination, bath vanity light strips across the top of the mirror should be installed 78” above the floor.  A brightness level at a minimum of 1600 lumens should be provided for task lighting.


• Wall sconce fixtures on each side of the mirror should be spaced about  28-36” apart and installed 60-66”off the floor to the center of the luminous source, adjusted so that lighting is provided at the user’s eye level.  There should be a clearance of 1 foot 6 inches from wall sconce to mirror on either side of the mirror.


The important thing to remember is to light the face, not the mirror.  The light should come from both sides as well as the top.  For softer illumination, choose shielded fixtures and frosted light bulbs rather than clear.


LED and Energy Smart lighting works beautifully with contemporary or traditional decor.


LED (light emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent) bath vanity lighting is now available with superb color rendering and color temperature to provide top quality task lighting, as well as accent and ambient illumination.


# 2 Installing Bathroom Fixtures that Lose their Luster


Your updated bathroom may look stunning at first with decoratively-finished faucets, exquisite lighting fixtures and fancy bathroom accessories, but if these items cannot withstand the moisture and are not UL-approved for damp or wet locations, your new bathroom will quickly lose its luster.


Quick Fix:


• Choose fixtures that will last and withstand bathroom moisture. Shower lights, faucets and decorative accessories that are in constant contact with moisture and water, should be made from water-resistant material or UL approved for damp and wet locations.

p8074wl_28 shower light from Progress LIghting

Look for bath lighting fixtures, decorative accessories and hardware with finishes that are guaranteed to last.  Corrosive-resistant aluminum, Polished Chrome or Satin Nickel are popular finishes for bath vanity lighting and bathroom faucets.  Brushed Brass and Oil-Rubbed Bronze are also top choice finishes for bathroom décor.


* Be sure to follow manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for all bathroom fixtures to keep finishes looking new.

88-1008sm Designer sink from Sterling Industries

Buy your bathroom lighting and accessories from trusted retailers who will stand behind the quality of their products.


# 3 Forgoing Automated Control and Dimming Systems


Are you still getting up every morning, walking to the bathroom and–with the flip of a switch—blatantly exposing your eyes to offensively, bright light?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to ease into your morning wake-up routine with a gradual progression of illumination like that of a natural sunrise?


Quick fix:  It is easy; it is affordable; and, it will change your life for the better.

residential-spotlights bathrooms from lighting-design-pictures.blogspot.com


Not only are automated dimming controls and heat sensors great for conserving energy and providing just the right security lighting at night, they will deliver soft illumination and protect your eyes from offensive morning glare at the start of each day.


Because a wide variety of activities take place in the bathroom, it is important that you be able to alter the intensity of the light to suit the circumstance.  Today’s sophisticated light controls, which range from simple rotary dimmers to high-end programmable control systems, give you this flexibility.


Top pics for new bath vanity lighting include:








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3454-bn-tb18 brushed nickel or chrome towel bar from Norwell


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