6 Stylish Ways to Go Green & Live Brighter

In honor of Earth Day, we put together 6 easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly, helping Mother Earth as well as your wallet, without sacrificing style.

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  1. Plant a vegetable or herb garden. Planting an herb or vegetable garden in your backyard is one way to make your life more eco-friendly. Here’s an easy way to start an organic garden.
  2. Update your landscape lighting with “Dark Sky” outdoor fixtures. Dark Sky-friendly outdoor fixtures are shielded, glare-free, and energy-efficient. But, most importantly–they keep light pollution from impairing our view of the stars and planets at night. Learn more about Dark Sky fixtures here.
  3. Seek out sustainable lighting designs. Fixtures designed by Varaluz use recycled, reclaimed, natural and sustainable materials. These handcrafted fixtures are both eco-friendly and statement pieces – check out the designs here.
  4. Cool down with ceiling fans. Ceiling fans equipped with LED light kits cut down on air-conditioning costs and save big on energy usage. Here’s a helpful guide to size your fan.
  5. Style up with Alabaster and earth tones.  Alabaster, Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color of the Year, is a natural earth mineral known for its translucence and organic white and brown tones—all of that works beautifully with LED illumination! Get inspired with Sherwin-Williams color of the year: Alabaster
  6. Color your world and customize with LEDs. From neon pink to the brightest whites, you may add color with magical effects to brighten your mood and personalize your surroundings with LED illumination. Replacing old light bulbs with LED will pay off in energy savings and you may even receive a tax break in some states. LED lighting fixtures are the most eco-friendly, as they contain no mercury or toxic gases and do not emit UV radiation. Learn more about the positive effects of LED here.

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Did you know?

The American Lighting Association (ALA) has joined the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as an Innovative Partner in its Zero Energy Home (ZERH) program.

A Zero Energy Ready Home meets all of the DOE’s requirements for being at least 40-50 percent more energy efficient than the average new home.

According to enLIGHTment Magazine, a DOE ZERH label means a home is “so efficient, a renewable energy system can offset most-or all-annual energy consumption.”

How do you plan on going green and living brighter? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!


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