7 Dazzling Crystal Design Tips

7 Crystal Qualities to Bring to the Table: Exquisite Crystal Lighting, Chandeliers and Wall Sconces Sparkle Anew for Spring

There’s no denying that crystal chandeliers and wall sconces captivate the senses and edify elegance like no other lighting composition.  Learn more about the power of crystal and decorate with crystal chandeliers and crystal wall sconces to renew and enhance your home’s unique spirit and style. 

Crystal has been prized for centuries for its beauty, divination and healing properties. See how crystal chandeliers and wall lights may enhance the positive energy and light in your home.

7 Dazzling Design Tips for Selecting Your Best Crystal Lighting

1. True Value: The true value of crystal depends on the quality, cut, and care given to the natural elements. Whether machine-cut, hand-cut or molded, fine crystal is valued for its true color precision and purity.

2.  Natural Brilliance:  Crystal is transparent glass embodied with a high degree of brilliance and optical purity. The captivating qualities of crystal rest in the varying degrees to which they refract light to display a brilliant rainbow of colors.

3.  Healing Power:  According to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, decorating your home with crystal may promote healing as it raises the energy vibrations, reduces negativity and deflects the ill effects of outside toxins.*

4. Authentic Design:  Although some crystal is prized for its sparkle and flawlessness, pure crystal or Rock Crystal is natural quartz treasured for its divine imperfections, outstanding natural fissures and mists, and cool smooth feel.

5. Prized Pieces:  “Strass” Swarovski crystal is manufactured in the Austrian Alps and is famously known to be the finest in the world for its flawless purity, brilliance, and high lead content.  Each crystal is machine-cut, polished to perfection, and engraved with the Swarovski logo to prevent imitation.

6. Modern Concepts:  “Optic” crystal is virtually lead free and noted for being extremely hard with outstanding refractive qualities. Prized artisans hand-polish, cut and bevel optic crystal to a flawless smoothness and brilliance. Previously used only for optical equipment and scientific instruments, optic crystal has been incorporated into stunning crystal chandeliers and wall sconces.

7. Custom Colors:  Colored crystal originates from the addition of natural chemical elements and specific colors have been linked to a variety of sensational effects. The latest colored crystal chandeliers and wall lighting feature outstanding combinations, including Schonbek’s “Jewel TonesTM” derived from color formulas passed down from one generation to the next and prized for their unmatched luminous and prismatic efficacy.

* Although lead crystal is extremely beautiful, a higher lead content does not affect the quality of the crystal.   Lead softens crystal and makes glass cutting and polishing easier, however, it does not always indicate finer quality.

Spring is the season to evaluate your home decor. Put the fascinating facets of crystal lighting to work for you!  Clear or colored, flawed or hand-cut and pristinely polished—find the elements of design best suited to your style and invest in the perfect crystal lighting, crystal chandeliers, and crystal wall sconces for your home.

Experience the captivating qualities of crystal and view the latest designs in decorative crystal lighting and accessories…

Top Crystal Lighting Pics for 2013:

-”New Orleans” from Schonbek, a 12” wall sconce with opulent French Baroque styling available in a variety of choice finishes and crystal options.

Schonbek Worldwide has completely redefined lighting with original and inspiring designs. Capitol Lighting is the only online showroom to offer the entire stock of crystal chandeliers, wall sconces, lamps and ceiling fixtures by Schonbek.

“Vienna” from Currey and Company, a 28” single tier chandelier featuring Rhine Gold Swarovski crystal finishing and Swarovski crystal pendologues.

Elevate your environment with the perfect crystal chandelier, wall sconces and table lamps; You may experience some surprising effects!

Crystal in the home office may help to reduce the effects of electromagnetic stress and glare from computers and electronic devices by absorbing some of the negative emissions.*
  • In bedrooms and bathrooms, crystal lamps and crystal chandeliers provide soothing energy and elegance.
  • And, nothing creates a clear and opulent finish to dining areas and foyers like fine quality crystal chandeliers, crystal buffet lamps and wall sconces.

*Clearing Clutter for Good Feng Shui, Mary Lambert 2001.


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