7 Over the Top Tips for Stylish Holiday Illumination


Bulbrite Starry LightsFeatured: Bulbrite Starry Lights

  1. Provide a warm welcome with a decorative outdoor hanging lantern or semi-flush fixture centered over the front door entrance. Hanging fixtures should be installed so the bottom of the fixture rests at least 7 feet above ground to allow guests to enter your home safely. Be sure outdoor fixtures are UL-listed for outdoor use, and choose fixtures that are shielded to reduce glare.

Corbett Lighting Houdini Chandelier

Featured: Corbett Lighting Houdini Chandelier

  1. Choose a foyer fixture that is in proportion to your home. The fixture should rest at least 7 feet above the floor;  9 feet in a large foyer area with cathedral ceilings. The width of a central foyer fixture may be calculated by adding the room’s length and width dimensions in feet, then converting this measure to inches. In rooms with high ceilings, consider a two or three-tiered design to fill the space.
  1. Make the most of the guest bath/powder room. Accessorize the guest bath with care.  Choose room accents in keeping with the style of your home.  Try updating with a whimsical mini chandelier. Mini chandeliers typically measure about 20 inches or less in diameter; they have the power to dramatically enhance even the smallest of spaces.

Murray Feiss Livingston Chandelier

Featured: Murray Feiss Livisngston Chandelier

  1. Opt for an outstanding dining room chandelier. Ceiling hung dining fixtures should be centered, allowing a clearance of at least 30 inches from tabletop to the bottom of the fixture; the width of the fixture should be 12 inches narrower than the width of the table. The height of the fixture should measure about three inches per foot of ceiling height. For example, a chandelier with a height of 24 inches would be well suited for an 8-foot ceiling.
  1. Add decorative chandelier shades for a more formal look.  Chandelier shades help to eliminate glare and create a flattering ambient illumination.   A myriad of shade options from traditional to modern is available for changing and updating your ceiling fixtures easily and affordably.Golden Lighiting Aiyana

    Featured: Golden Lighiting Aiyana

  1. Enhance the overall effect of your ceiling fixture with a decorative ceiling medallion.  Ceiling medallions come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you may customize your lighting design according to your style.  Ceiling medallions are also excellent for covering up ceiling flaws!

Khloe ChandelierFeatured: Murray Feiss Khloe LED Chandelier

  1. Be smart with bulb choice. Lamping alternatives are available for most ceiling fixtures and chandeliers.  Know what options exist for each light fixture and decide which is the most compatible fit to illuminate your room. New chandeliers and lighting fixtures are designed to accommodate a variety of bulb options.
  • Energy-efficient halogen bulbs provide luxurious illumination over a dining table.
  • LED (light emitting diode) lamps are being shown in the latest decorative ceiling and wall fixtures.
  • Not all ceiling fixtures and chandeliers are sold with bulbs included.  A knowledgable salesperson should know what options are available for every light fixture.
  • For a dining room chandelier, you do not have to go with the manufacturers highest allowable wattage or lumen listing. i.e.  Standard 25-watt or 40-watt chandelier bulbs (or LED equivalent) may be all you need for a chandelier with 8-lights or more.  Purchase bulbs according to correct lumen output and choose bulbs that are dimmable.*Your dining chandelier should not be the main source of illumination in the room;  Supplement with portable lamps and/or recessed lighting for task illumination.   




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