How-to Highlight your Child’s Room in 7 Steps

It’s a New School Year! Lighten your Load and Start Off Right

50320_BS_WHLearn how-to illuminate your child’s bedroom and get the school year off to a shining start. From concentrated task lighting for studying to nightlights for safety and security, a good lighting plan for your child’s bedroom goes a long way to promoting good sleep and healthful habits.


Put your child in the best light.  Efficient and effective lighting design can make a world of difference.

How-to Best Illuminate your Child’s Bedroom in 7 Steps


1. KEEP THEM FOCUSED:  If your children share a bedroom, create individualized study areas with task lighting.  Whether they enjoy working at a desk, shared table space or in the comfort of their own bed, plentiful task illumination must be focused and glare-free.  Each child should have his/her own lamp to adjust to the task for optimum visual comfort.

300121obbKichler fan with light kit


2.CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM:  There has been considerable debate about how much parental input is helpful to our school-age children.  Clear the air and provide energy-efficient illumination and comfort with a fan/light kit overhead, but allow them room to grow and the opportunity to do their own homework.

Supplying your child with good overhead lighting is more beneficial to helping them concentrate for longer periods of time, than being a helicopter parent watching over them.



3. MAKE A WISE INVESTMENT: Our children may need to learn from their failures, but make sure their lamps do not fail them.   New bulbs are made to last and deliver a variety of lighting effects geared toward specific functions.  LED bulbs are perfect for task lamps and accent lighting;  Compact fluorescent bulbs with improved color rendering provide great full-spectrum illumination; Energy-efficient halogen bulbs are a top choice for some decorative table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling fixtures.

The latest bedroom designs brilliantly incorporate  LED strip lighting.  LED strip lighting is available in a myriad of colors for a custom-designed look around the desk area, headboard, toe-kick and/or cove space.  Programmable color-changing effects and novel fixture accessories are keeping LEDs at the forefront of home illumination.

e53531 LED strip lighting from ET2We are on the cutting edge of artificial lighting design geared to enhance human performance.  Technological advancements are being made daily to help foster task-specific illumination and a healthier environment.  Many studies confirm that blue light contributes to wakefulness and may help to keep us alert; red and amber light promotes a better sleep-inducing environment; and a more yellow light may provide the most comfortable illumination in which to read by for extended periods of time.*




4. KNOW YOUR OPTIONS: Your child’s bedroom may be the place where they spend a majority of their day when they are not in school.  Plentiful, yet pleasant general illumination is a must to sustain an environment of gentle calm and a soothing foundation.  A standing floor lamp or torchiere takes up just a wee bit of space, yet adds fabulous light and may work nicely as a decorative accent to enliven a dull corner.  Where desk space is limited or if you do not wish to permanently install light fixtures, floor lamps are a great option to provide both task and ambient illumination in a child’s bedroom.


ls-9875multi Lite Source floor lamp








5. CELEBRATE INDIVIDUALITY:  Allowing your child to select a lamp for his or her bedroom creates an easy and affordable opportunity for them to express personal style.  It is perfectly acceptable to mix and match lamp styles, especially when children share a room with a sibling.  Stick with complementary finishes, and size lamps accordingly to maintain balance in a shared room.z-bar mini_ar3100_4 Koncept LED Desk Lamps



6. PROMOTE SELF CONTROL.  Hand-held devices, programmable control systems and smart-phone applications are a fun and affordable means to setting and getting just the right illumination. These devices are easy to program and may help your child adjust their environment to suit the occasion.  And, a little novelty may reap bright rewards in energy-efficiency, increased comfort and elevated mood!

Children’s bedrooms and study areas should be furnished with just the right task lamps and ambient illumination. Light sources should blend well with room decor and include dimmers to accommodate your child’s sleep, study and daily activity cycles.

7.  KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN; A BIT ABOUT NIGHT LIGHTS AND NOVELTY ITEMS: Inducing and sustaining a restful sleep environment may present challenges in children’s bedrooms.  A child’s room often serves as their primary play space in which to be alone or hangout with friends; it may also serve as their primary workspace in which to focus on a hobby or do homework; thus, the lighting design must be versatile.  Plentiful illumination is needed for task light, while a more subdued atmosphere is best at bedtime.

Colorful lighting effects—when done correctly—can enliven and accentuate your child’s bedroom with brilliant illumination.  But, be careful not to overdo it!  Color specific LED strip lights may showcase an elaborate desk area, frame a headboard as a featured standout; or, bathe the room with lighting in a favorite hue.  Use color-enhanced light sources and  lighting controls wisely; know when to dim them down and turn them off.

ik-6090blu Puppy lampNight lights are a must-have item, but–even the slightest bit of ambient illumination may contribute to sleeplessness.  Set controls accordingly to sustain a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

For more information or to custom design a lighting plan for your child’s bedroom, consult with a lighting professional. View new portable lamps and lighting fixtures at or visit a Capitol Lighting showroom. Check out the latest designs in desk lamps, floor lamps, and LED strip lighting to furnish your child’s room with the best illumination.



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