ABC: The Ultimate in Old World Crystal Lighting Design

American Brass and Crystal: Made in America with Spectacular Old World Style!

American Brass and Crystal Island Lighting
Get Enlightened with the Sparkling Spirit of American Brass & Crystal….


♦Encounter the premier manufacturer of the finest quality cast brass and crystal chandeliers in lighting.


♦Observe the attention to detail-from coordinated candle covers and ornate ceiling medallions to tailor-made shades—every detail is artistically composed and harmoniously incorporated into custom-crafted illumination.


♦Conceptualize the possibilities: All fixtures are made to order in any size, finish or crystal package.


 Illuminate the power of choice: Each crystal chandelier from American Brass & Crystal is available in over 24 custom finishes and a multitude of different crystal grades, shapes and colors.


♦Savor the beauty within: All fixtures are molded from Italian casts by the finest metal craftsmen and adorned with the world’s most treasured crystal, including genuine Swarovski ELEMENTS, Precision-grade, Handcut or rock crystal.


♦Celebrate the sparkling spirit of America. All lamps and fixtures are proudly manufactured in the USA.


The latest lighting designs from American Brass and Crystal Lighting are available at


Discover award-winning illumination with the finest from ABC Lighting, including these brilliant chandelier and lamp designs:

ch9238-a-02g-pi Biella abc

“Biella” chandelier from American Brass and Crystal


•Customize every fixture with candle cover options, including Cast Drip, Pale Ivory, Matching Metal, and True Bees Wax.

tl6505-o-13m-tb-cf Llydia tl

“Llydia” table lamp from American Brass and Crystal


•Custom fit every shade with fine fabrics including Navy, Gold and Cream with intricate design or smooth textured coloration.


•Choose your favorite finish. Table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, pendants and chandeliers are available in a myriad of finishes including Antique Pewter, White Nickel and True Brass with crystal options ranging from Golden Teak Teardrops to Precision French Pendoloques in Amethyst, Sapphire and Rosaline.



**All fixtures are proudly manufactured in America**



To view the latest in home lighting and accessories and for more designing ways to illuminate the beauty of Old World crystal, visit with the lighting professionals at Capitol Lighting.  Enjoy the guaranteed lowest prices on the best from American Brass and Crystal at Capitol Lighting showrooms or


American Brass & Crystal (ABC Lighting) has built a reputation as one of the premier manufacturers of the finest quality cast brass and crystal chandeliers. All crystal chandelier and cast brass frames are custom designed from the finest Italian casts and Italian brass and adorned with genuine Swarovski ELEMENTS, Precision-grade, Handcut or natural Rock crystal.


Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or to experience the unmatched excellence of crystal and ABC Lighting. The options abound!  With American Brass & Crystal you create a design in a crystal chandelier that is uniquely your own and each one is handmade by American artisans.


Enjoy true heirloom quality lighting designs at with American Brass and Crystal.



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