Aerospace Space Project Awarded to Capitol Lighting

Capitol Moonlighting

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By 2030, Capitol Lighting will become the first retailer on the moon.   A ground-breaking, or should we say “moon raking,” real estate deal worth  $1.2 billion has given Capitol Lighting the go ahead to construct a lighting showroom equipped with anti-gravity, aerodynamic lamps and light fixtures for future lunar home and office environments.


The world-renowned lighting retailer has been working with physicist, architects and aerospace engineers, as well as the world’s top lighting designers to customize lamps and light fixtures for the space-age environment.


After some serious negotiating with the World Space Center, Capitol Lighting has been selected to conceptualize, construct and outfit the first-ever Lunar Luxury Lighting (LLL) store.


“We are thrilled to be given the go ahead on this project.  I have been formulating plans for this universal endeavor, and the lamps and lighting fixtures we have in the works are definitively out-of-this-world,” says Herman Lunarsfeld, CEO of Capitol Lighting.


Aerodynamic and anti-gravity light fixture designs on the horizon include:


Halo Torch Lamps


Free Floating Orbital Pendant Lights


Beam-me-up Fan Light Kits


Supernova Night Lights


Spectacular anti-gravity light fixture finishes include: Moonshine and Stellar Silver


Capitol Goes Crater Happy



Adele Lunarsfeld, wife of Capitol Lighting CEO Herman Lunarsfeld, promises to offer her baking prowess to all space travelers—Known for her rugaLAUNCH and famous Sherry Mooncake—it is going to be a grand opening that is truly heavenly.


Capitol Lighting Commits to The All-American Space Out


Keep your eyes and ears open, for earth-shattering illumination from Capitol’s top lighting vendors, including:


Murray Flights

Fredrick Rocketman

James R Lunarmodule


Mayday Lighting

Startrekski Elements



Arroyo Spaceman

Alternating Comet

Minka Aerospace


Moonka Lavery

C-orbit Lighting

Space craftmade


R2D2 Lighting

Fine Quark Lamps

Phil-ups, up and away!


34402 Moon Beam painting from Uttermost

*This may be an April Fool’s edition of the Capitol Lighting blog.  However, extraterrestrial real estate has been sold through organizations and individuals around the world; Some authorities say that the moon belongs to everyone, and “Martian deeds” and “Lunar deeds” have no legal standing.

41517 Moon Nodes from Uttermost

“Ownership of extraterrestrial real estate is not recognized by any authority and has no legal standing.”–





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