Basic Ceiling Fan Facts You Should Know

Basic Fan Facts to Know:

  • Most decorative ceiling fans contain 5 blades; however, fans with fewer blades will move more air. Industrial-grade ceiling fans have three blades and contain a high-powered motor that may facilitate an energy-savings of 75 % or more.
  • “Hugger” fans or low profile ceiling fans are ideal for rooms with lower ceilings. Hugger fans require close-to-ceiling installations where blade rotation will be unobstructed, so they are unsuitable for rooms with vaulted ceilings.
  • Outdoor ceiling fans are designed for locations such as open porches or gazebos. These fans are specifically treated with rust-proof finishes and non-warp blades to withstand elements such as heat, humidity and extreme cold. Be sure to check for fans that are UL listed for wet/damp conditions when purchasing a ceiling fan for outdoors.
  • Energy Star ceiling fans are those that have been evaluated and rated as being 50 % more efficient than standard fans. Energy Star labels are also indicative of lower priced products and significant energy savings.



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