Get More of What You Want in the Bedroom with the Right Lighting Design

Bedroom Lighting 101—Let’s Get Personal:  Have More Fun Starting from the Ceiling!

tori-spelling-bedroom-blue-chandelier-590np041111-1302815118Decorating with lighting in the bedroom should be fun and uniquely fashioned to your particular style.  The top 5 lighting tips will help you get the right light in the bedroom.

The right bedroom lighting design should foster a sense of calm and serenity and create a living space that is inviting and beautiful—a place in which you look forward to being, a place that serves as your own private sanctuary, a welcome retreat from the stress of the day.


Get it Right in the Bedroom with Outstanding Ceiling Lighting Fixtures


One of the simplest and most powerful ways to personalize your bedroom is with a unique and dynamic central ceiling fixture.  Advanced technology and brilliant design embody illuminating compositions that will capture attention and expand upon your decorative strategy.


5 Top Tips for Suite Dreaming:

  1. SELECT A FIXTURE THAT SPEAKS TO YOU:  There is no end to the creativity in lighting design, especially when it comes to bedroom lighting.  From traditional crystal chandeliers to modern industrial pendant styles, your lighting fixtures may be the catalyst to an entire decorating scheme.
  2. KNOW YOUR SPACE AND SIZE THE FIXTURE ACCORDINGLY: The basic calculation calls for adding the width and length of your room in feet and converting that figure to inches.  So for a room that is 11 x 14 feet:  11+14 = 25.  Look for a central ceiling fixture that is around 25 inches in width.
  3. ADJUST TO CEILING LIMITS:  The height of your ceiling fixture should measure about 2 ½-3 inches for each foot of room height, so for standard 8 foot ceilings, look for a fixture that is around 20-24 inches in length.
  4. INSTALL FIXTURES TO THE SCALE OF THE ROOM:  The general rule is to allow for a clearance of 7 feet from the floor to the bottom of the fixture.  With higher than standard ceilings, fixtures may hang about 7 feet 6 inches from the floor. In a larger bedroom, a central fixture may hang a bit lower for a more dramatic effect.
  5. CONSIDER BULB OPTIONS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS: Dimming and automated controls accessible at both the room entrance and by the bed are a must. When choosing bulbs for bedroom fixtures, opt for lamps with the best color quality and dimming capabilities.

Whether it is an elegant crystal chandelier for a master bedroom suite or a whimsical composition for a child’s bedroom, novel lighting designs abound with customizable lighting options to make your bedroom a dream come true.










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