Best Landscape Lighting Made Simple

The spring weather has us anxious to get outside and begin sprucing up our homes!
This time of year typically means we’re working in our gardens and getting our outdoor spaces ready to enjoy the warmer weather. If your weekend plans consist of tackling outdoor home projects, check out these professional landscape lighting design tips!

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Professional Landscape Lighting Design Tips

We sat down with our Lighting Professional, Lawrence Morgan to answer the top questions customers normally ask when considering landscape lighting and here’s what he had to say:

Q: How do I determine the type of effects and lighting that would be best for my outdoor space?

A: “It is important to incorporate a variety of landscape lighting fixtures, because there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to illuminating our natural environment.  For a tall palm tree, a narrow outdoor spotlight grounded and angled upward from the base of the tree works best.  For a dwarf palm, such as a Robellini, a wide-beam spreadlight is the way to go.” Want to learn more about the different landscape lighting techniques? Check out the basics in our Landscape Lighting 101 Guide.

Q: What type and color light bulbs should be used for landscape lighting?

A: “The best rule for sourcing your outdoor lights is to use the same color temperature bulbs for all landscape lighting fixtures.  Most landscape lighting should be within the 2700K-3000K temperature range for warm white light. I prefer to use 3000K LED bulbs for all of my landscape lighting projects because it is a little less yellow and allows the landscaping to pop at night.”

Q: What type of landscape lighting do you recommend?

A: “I typically recommend uplighting, because it creates a visually dramatic effect for landscape and architectural elements by illuminating them from below. But I also believe, it needs to be a mixture of different techniques and like to include downlighting where applicable, such as mounting outdoor floodlights high up on screen enclosures to illuminate pool areas. I also recommend using path lighting to illuminate walkways.

Q: What’s the best way to add lighting to water features?

A: This is one of my favorite areas to get creative and add life to the design by lighting the waterfall or water feature from various angles. I typically recommend illuminating it from the outside to put a spotlight on the water feature. But, one of my favorite ways to highlight the water feature is by adding underwater lighting at the bottom of the fountain. This creates a beautiful ambiance on the rocks and various elements of the waterfall by making the light look like it is dancing.

Q: What value does landscape lighting provide?

A: “This is the most frequently asked question I receive as most customers want to know if landscape lighting will increase the value of their home. In addition to adding major curb appeal and beautifying your outdoor living space, landscape lighting can increase the value of the home. Another major value to adding landscape lighting to your property is the additional security your property obtains, as a well-lit home is a deterrent for burglars.”

Lighting Professional: Lawrence Morgan

With more than 20 years in the lighting industry, Lawrence has become one of the top architectural and landscape lighting designers in the country.

“I love creating beautiful spaces and look at it as a form of art. Prior to my experience at Capitol Lighting, I owned a landscape lighting company, giving me additional insight into the technical aspect of beautifying outdoor spaces. My specialty is helping you discover the hidden beauty of your home.”


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