Go Bright or Go Home! Best Lighting for Aging Eyes

Go Bright or Go Home!  The Best Lighting Makes Aging

Gracefully Child’s Play

According to Residential Lighting Magazine, a new Dutch study supports that higher light levels may help reduce the affects of age-related dementia. *

Providing better and brighter lighting goes a long way to enhancing our quality of life; the older we get, the more we appreciate a better quality of light!  Everyone’s lighting needs are different, there is not a one-size-fits-all lighting plan.  A good lighting designer can provide you with the right lamps, lighting products, lighting control systems and installation tips for a brighter future uniquely geared toward your visual comfort.


Show me the LIGHTING….

  • Aging baby boomers need twice as much light to see as well as they did when they were 20 years old.
  • Older adults are also more sensitive to glare, so their lighting must be plentiful and properly shielded.
  • High-intensity low-voltage lamps help older adults to compensate for age-related vision impairments.

Providing quality of light at any age will….

  • Reduce eyestrain and allow you to maintain focus on reading material.
  • Improve your ability to concentrate on hobbies and avoid making mistakes while sewing, working on needlepoint or some other intricate craft.
  • Light the way to taking the proper medications and highlighting prescription information.
  •   Increase energy-efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and save on electric bills.
  •   Provide safety and security for navigating in and about your home.


Lighting the Way to Aging Gracefully

-In our mid to late 40’s, most of us start to notice changes in our ability to see clearly.  We may invest in reading glasses so we can see a menu or enjoy a new novel.

-In our 60’s, more profound changes occur because less light reaches the eye and we require more light to see details.  Our need for ambient/general illumination may be three to four times greater than was needed in our youth.

A Few Quick and Light Adjustments Make it Easy to Keep Up with Changing Times…

  • Increase visual comfort for aging eyes:  Switch on a portable lamp while watching TV to reduce the contrast between the bright screen and the surrounding darkness of the room.
  •  Invest in a good table lamp, floor lamp or torchiere to provide plentiful general illumination, as well as focused task lighting.  Many new decorative floor lamps are equipped with a separate task light or magnifying glass to significantly improve our ability to read or concentrate on intricate hobby-work.
  • For older eyes, CFLs and LEDs with warm tones may provide sufficient task lighting.  Check the bulb package for a color temperature of 2700K-3000K (Kelvin’s).  Also, if listed, look for a CRI (color rendering index) of 80 or more.
  •  To control glare, choose a fixture with a shade or shield such that the bright bulbs are not exposed or directly visible. 

Celebrate generations of wisdom with the finest home lighting and accessories.  Lighting professionals at Capitol Lighting showrooms will help you to upgrade your home with lighting that is innovative, affordable and stylish.






An energy efficient arc lamp provides great reading light.

An energy efficient arc lamp provides great reading light.

From Hubbardton Forge “Mobius” 23-4505C Energy Smart 59” Arc Lamp, available in  a variety of custom finishes and shade options including Natural Cork, Spun Amber and Spun Frost.




232820_07_493From Hubbardton Forge 23-02820 Gallery Energy Smart 60” floor lamp, available in a choice of finishes-Black, Bronze, Burnished Steel, Dark Smoke, Mahogany and Natural Iron with shaded options including Doeskin Microsuede and Natural Anna.




* Residential Lighting Magazine, March 2013 Higher Light Levels Can Help Dementia. http://www.residentiallighting.com/higher-light-levels-can-help-dementia-study-says




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