Things to Consider When Buying a Floor Lamp

Sometimes, we find ourselves walking into a room that seems to be lacking illumination or a warm, cozy feel. Lighting is very important in enhancing the ambience within our home. But sometimes, our busy lives, budget, or the structure of the house itself may limit our ability to perform any home improvement projects. If you need to add some brightness and warmth into a particular space in your home, don’t fret. There is another way you can add lighting and transform the mood into a room – floor lamps.


Buying a floor lamp is an easier way to provide additional lighting into a space without having to install lighting fixtures. A floor lamp is also mobile, making it very convenient to redecorate a space and move this particular lighting source to other parts of the house whenever you feel like it. In choosing which floor lamp to add into a certain space, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the different types of floor lamps before you actually purchase one.


Types of Floor Lamps


Console Floor Lamp

This type of floor lamp is what we all refer to as a traditional floor lamp which consists of a tall pole, a round or geometric base, and a shade that casts down light from a single bulb.


Torchiere Floor Lamp

A torchiere floor lamp is similar to a console floor lamp from the base up to the light source, but with an inverted lamp shade.


Arc Floor Lamp

An arc floor lamp usually consists of a single swing arm that provides direct lighting. It is great for reading nooks, living rooms, and even dining rooms. There are also arc lamps with multiple heads or arms.


Floor Lamp with Shelving

Mid-height shelf with a lamp top offers dual function, illuminating a room while at the same time providing space to organize and showcase books and other items that you wish to display.


Things to Consider When Purchasing a Floor Lamp

Purchasing a floor lamp is not just about choosing one that looks beautiful. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, you will have to choose a floor lamp based on its performance, so you need to consider its material, efficiency, light source, and adjustability aside from its color and design.


Height and Adjustability

It is best to get a floor lamp whose height can be adjusted, so that wherever you place it around the house, it can easily fit to various furniture arrangements and height requirements. Also, depending on whether the floor lamp uses a shade, a reflector, or a globe, the height should be at a level that does not create too much glare from the light source.



Having dimmers is a plus; since this allows you to adjust the intensity of your lighting from bright to dim so that you are able to create the ambience that you need at different times of the day or night, and on different occasions and moods.


Material and Color

Floor lamps, beyond their illuminating function, serve as focal points in a room during the day when their lights are off. So material and color of the shade and the pole are factors to consider – do you want your lamp to be a striking piece that will instantly attract everyone’s attention when they enter the room, or do you want it to blend with the rest of the room so that it complements the furnishings around it? These are questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a particular design and finish.


Energy Efficiency and Light Source

LED lights are the best option for energy efficiency. Fortunately, LED lights now come in various colors – from white to yellow to different other colors, such as orange, green, and blue. Although the best hue would be yellow for that warm, cozy feel, the choice is yours and it would really depend on what you need for that particular spot in your home.



Of course, budget will always be an important consideration when purchasing a floor lamp. Just remember that when choosing based on budget constraints, always buy from a reputable manufacturer so that you are assured of quality and performance. Window shopping online will allow you to select from a wide range of options without wasting time and energy hopping from one store to another. This will also enable you to compare prices more conveniently, so you get the best bargains without sacrificing quality.

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