Buying Tips: Torch Floor Lamps

A torchiere or “torch” floor lamp is more ornate than your typical floor lamp. It has a bowl-shaped shade that causes an upward illumination. The light reflects off the ceiling to provide diffused general lighting, which is why this type of indoor lighting is usually added to enhance a room’s ambient light. Its unobtrusive form may be the reason for its popularity. A torchiere stands approximately 6 feet high and does not take up a lot of floor space. Actually it can fit in even the smallest of spaces, generally speaking. A torch lamp is certainly a good investment for any home, and here is a guide to make sure that you choose the right torchiere.


Determine the Torchiere’s Purpose

The first thing that you need to do is ask yourself what the floor lamp will be used for. Of course, the main purpose would be for lighting, but there would have to be specific uses for the lamp. Asking yourself these questions will help you get the answer:

    *Do you want to have very bright lighting for a particular spot? Or do you need to illuminate the entire space?

    *Do you want your floor lamp to also function as a decorative piece even when it is not turned on?

    *Do you want your lighting piece to be both of the above?



Once you have decided on the functions that your torchiere will need to deliver, the next thing that you will need to consider is the height of your floor lamp. Factor in the location of the lamp and taking into account both aspects, choose a torchiere that will not produce too much glare from the light bulb.


Type and Make

Also determine whether you want your lamp to stand out or blend with the rest of the décor. There are several options available in the market today, from wood and rattan to modern metallic ones. Popular finishes include silver, steel, nickel, bronze, and brass.




Decide whether you prefer a torch lamp that uses a shade, a globe, or a reflector. Although your chosen floor lamp would already come with its own shade, you can still opt to change it to something that will suit your taste and fit better with your interior décor. Shades come in a wide array of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors.



Lamps with dimmers will allow you to adjust the brightness of the light source, and this will affect how often you can use your torch lamp. Lamps with three-position switches will also allow you to change the level of brightness.


Energy Efficiency and Light Source

Check the type of bulb your lamp will require so that it will be easy for you to buy a replacement. It is also best to choose an energy efficient light bulb such as an LED or CFL bulb as these can greatly lower your electricity bill, not to mention their longer life span.



Of course, you will have to check your budget and choose a torch lamp that will not only fit your lighting needs but also your allocated budget. Remember not to sacrifice quality, though. Check to purchase a top quality floor lamp for the guaranteed lowest price.




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