California Beaming with Title 24 Energy Savings


California sets the bar with Title 24 energy-saving and eco-conscious illumination.  Title 24 strategies have not only saved the state of California billions of dollars in energy costs, they have allowed for the development of some brilliant lighting plans that simply make sense.

 minka lavery dining room design from website

“California’s new Building Energy Efficiency Standards for 2014 improve the energy efficiency of homes by 25 percent and make nonresidential buildings 30 percent more efficient than the previous 2008 standards.”—“What’s New in the 2013 Code?” CLTC.UCDAVIS.EDU

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Title 24 Lighting Products include:


• Light fixtures that automatically dim or shut off when not in use, installed with photo sensors, occupancy sensors and multi-level lighting controls.


• Shielding controls to curb light pollution and focus illumination directly where needed on outdoor lighting products that are mounted 24 feet above ground or lower and for any incandescent light fixtures over 100 watts.


• Demand Response (DR) controls for the programming of lighting controls to immediately and automatically reduce lighting power by at least 15% the maximum lighting allowance in response to DR signals.  In California, Demand Response controls are now required for all commercial buildings occupying 10,000+ square feet.


• “High Efficacy” standards are being set for approved lighting products.  The efficacy of a lamp is the ratio of its output (in lumens) to the input power (in watts).  Updated high-efficacy lighting standards include:


-Light sources operating at 15 watts or less should deliver a minimum of 40 lumens/watt.


-Light sources operating at 15 to 40 watts should deliver a minimum of 50 lumens/watt.


-Light sources operating at more than 40 watts should deliver a minimum of 60 lumens/watt.


• Mandatory Shut-Off Requirements for non-residential areas include:  Areas of buildings that are not occupied 24/7 will not be permitted to leave the lights on all night. Previously, commercial buildings were allowed to keep 15% of their full lighting capacity on overnight and during weekends.


• Special Rating Systems for Outdoor and Landscape Lighting include:  Outdoor light fixtures greater than or equal to 100 watts must comply with the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America’s BUG (Back light, Uplight and Glare) system to reduce light pollution, uplight, light trespass and glare.


*In addition to changes in Title 24, quality specifications have been developed for LED replacement lamps to help utility rebate programs and consumers identify which LEDs are capable of delivering energy-efficient illumination with good color rendering ( CRI of 90 or above) and color temperature (CCT of 2700K to 4000K).


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New standards are expected to conserve electricity and natural gas and reduce the need for additional power plants.


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Top Energy Saving Pics for the Spring Season:


“Delancy” outdoor post lantern from Minka-Lavery

71195-357-pl Delancy OD Post from Minka Lavery


“Montellero” outdoor post lamp from Minka-Lavery

8216-61-pl Montellero from Minka Lavery


“Nakia” table lamp from Lite Source

ls-21860lblu Nakia table lamp from Lite Source


“Mitra” floor lamp from Sonneman

7023.13f.jpg Mitra Floor Lamp from Sonneman


“Ibis” bird table lamp from Cyan Design

05206 ibis bird from Cyan Design


“Matheston” ceiling fan from Hunter

54091 Matheston Ceiling Fan from Hunter

Energy-efficiency and environmentally consciousness are at the core of new guidelines for the lighting industry. Specifically, lighting products and automated control systems that are “Title 24” compliant are changing the way illumination is designed, installed and delivered.


Spring into action! Make it your mission to update your home and office environment with top quality lamps, light fixtures, ceiling fans and control systems that provide peak performance, energy-savings, and excellent illumination.

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