Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Design is…

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Styles are Always in Fashion


Contemporary style is defined as what’s in fashion right now. And right now, we are embracing natural elements, clean lines, durable finishing, and—above all else—energy-efficient and flattering illumination.
contemporary-exterior Hubbardton Forge Forged Outdoor Vertical Collection
Forged “Vertical” outdoor lighting collection from Hubbardton Forge


Lighting effects are incredibly diverse.  Blanketing an area in your favorite hue, showcasing an exquisite architectural feature, or simply providing just the right mood…creative options abound for the gifted contemporary outdoor lighting designer.


Contemporary outdoor lighting designs are especially conducive to technologically advanced LED light sources and outdoor lighting control systems that are newly available and surprisingly affordable.  With great concern for preserving the natural environment and being energy efficient, contemporary outdoor lighting embodies strength and ingenuity in design.


images Design PRO LED from Kichler

Kichler Pro LED outdoor lighting

Protecting the Beauty of the Night, Contemporary Outdoor Lighting is…


•Transparency in manufacturing process and thoughtful, sustainable composition.


•Serene color combinations, earth tones and natural hues.


• Unpretentious, durable and handsomely crafted.


With Heedful Attention to Energy-Efficiency, Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Design is…


ENERGY STAR™ approved:

ENERGY STAR™  is a U. S. government program created in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the purpose of reducing energy consumption and green house gas emissions by power plants.  This voluntary labeling program has grown worldwide to include increasingly more consumer products.  ENERGY STARtm qualified bulbs and fixtures save up to 75% on energy costs and last up to 10 times longer than standard light sources.*


“Dark-Sky” compliant:

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is a U.S.-based non-profit organization devoted to preserving the natural  beauty of the nighttime sky. Membership includes all 50 states in the U.S. and over 70 countries worldwide. The International Dark Sky Association (IDA) has developed a fixture- rating program to outline standards for Dark-Sky designations, factoring in aspects such as eliminating glare and providing for automated shut-off and dimming control.

 Contact to learn more and support efforts to preserve the nighttime environment with the best outdoor lighting.


•Title 24 compliant:

The state of California has developed lighting codes and restrictions that  have saved billions of dollars in energy costs and provided programs for the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting designs.  Contemporary outdoor lighting that is Title 24-compliant includes controls for altering high-mode and low-mode settings to optimize energy savings for maintenance-free operation.


Capitol Lighting is on board with the latest in energy-efficient, eco-friendly designs.  Visit to view the latest ENERGY STAR™, Energy SMART, Dark-Sky and Title 24-approved lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.


*News from ENERGY STAR and updates to Certified Light Fixture designs:


The Environmental Protection Agency has recently expanded its online ENERGY STAR- rated Product Finder tool to include light fixtures. The Product Finder provides consumers with an easily accessible, user-friendly search tool that allows for comparing  products based on key criteria such as energy efficiency and technical specifications.

Sign up for a user account at


Contemporary Outdoor Lighting is NOW…

Kichler Oak Bluffs

“Oak Bluffs” hanging lanterns from Kichler Lighting






9838 Ceramic Dark Sky ws from Minka Lavery





Minka Lavery Dark Sky Ceramic outdoor wall light


ES32021-FBZ Stonyridge wl Designers Fountain

Designers Fountain “Stonyridge” Energy Smart outdoor wall light


303003_55 HF Mason contemp od wall lighting

“Mason” outdoor wall light from Hubbardton Forge


32121-ABP Kingsley Designers fountain

“Kingsley” outdoor wall light from Designers Fountain



89326a Lorena od fl from EGLO

“Lorena” outdoor floor lamp from EGLO Lighting




88352clte New Age LED Energy Smart outdoor wall light from Maxim

“New Age” LED Energy Smart outdoor wall light from Maxim Lighting




1502 bz Contempo outdoor path lighting from Hinkley

“Contempo” LED Energy Smart outdoor path lighting from Hinkley Lighting


15817azt27 Landscape LED path lighting from Kichler

LED outdoor path lighting from Kichler Lighting



Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or for the latest in energy-saving, eco-friendly outdoor lighting, including outdoor wall lights and path lighting from top vendors.


Check out fabulous lighting compositions from Hinkley Lighting , Hubbardton Forge, Designers Fountain, Minka Lavery, Kichler Lighting, Maxim Lighting and EGLO Lighting.  Contemporary outdoor lighting designs of 2014 are spectacular!







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