Orozco’s Outstanding Chandeliers, Designer Pendant Lamps and Wall Lighting Highlight New York

Meet Sergio Orozco…. and say, “I love New York!”

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“Everything begins and ends with lighting.”—Sergio Orozco, award-winning designer of lighting and home furnishings.

Tassels, crystal, clean and deliberate— all facets of the Uptown collection offer designer class and stylish sophistication.  From the perspective that attention to detail equals luxury, you will notice powerful nuances in Sergio Orozco’s brilliant lighting compositions from the shape of the daintiest crystal to the full-bodied curvature of a chandelier arm.

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I believe lighting is the most powerful element of the century.


Orozco is passionate about lighting and furniture and how our decorative environment defines how we feel and who we are.  He says,  “Lighting and furniture should fit the individual much like a favorite shirt or best friend”.    Orozco believes that each person must create an environment according to their individual style and needs, a sanctuary in which they find comforting and comfortable.


Sergio Orozco is the matchmaker of home décor; combining personality, exceptional taste, wisdom and talent to conceptualize and create the finest light fixtures, lamps and furniture.

uphl8701is Holita wall sconce take 2


His designs are clean and contemporary with a definitive classic elegance and a touch of whimsy and finesse.


He sees romance and magic in illumination.  From the functional cabinet light to the magnificent chandelier, Orozco has an eye for the divine and a rare appreciation for the elements that embolden his art to the height of excellence.

upmm2822is Madison Avenue take 2

















Sergio Orozco says that lighting provides the simplest and most inexpensive way to beautify your life.  He clearly displays a true depth of knowledge into all types of light sources and lighting concepts….


• Fluorescent Finds:  Fluorescent fixtures are excellent in the kitchen and bathroom because they do not create shadow and you have evenly distributed illumination. Fluorescent light sources work well in outdoor fixtures, too, in climates where the weather does not limit their performance.


• Portable lamps are “problem solvers”:  In areas that are seemingly most difficult to light—even the kitchen and bathroom can be a place where the portable lamp provides just the right light.


Orozco personifies lighting design and depicts table and floor lamps as humanizing elements:    “You need portable lighting for the charisma to nurture, love, respect.”


• Crystal and glass designs:  Orozco sees “endless possibility” in the use of glass and crystal.  He “Loves it!  How it dissolves into space and feels like water.”




Orozco’s novel approach to lighting, his sheer brilliance with design and his innate understanding of the human spirit come alive in his signature compositions.

upby8701is Bowery sconce take 2

















He is a gentleman and his sense of humor, lightness of spirit and demeanor, interest in people, generosity and love of play shine through and add depth to accentuate the richness of his ingenuity.


As he navigates the city with ease, you can see his appreciation of the pulse, the beat, the beauty in the texture and elements that undeniably define New York as the greatest city on earth.


View the latest lighting designs from Sergio Orozco and the Uptown Collection.  Outstanding chandeliers, designer pendant lamps and wall lighting sing “I love New York” with unmatched eloquence.



Sergio Orozco’s New York inspired signature lighting designs from the Uptown Collection include:


“Wall Street” for your master bathroom suite.upws1722bn Wall Street semi-flush

“Columbus Circle” makes a grand statement for your entry foyer.

upcc8701is Columbus Circle wall sconce

“Liberty” embodies strength of character.

uplb440bn Liberty Island Light



Sergio Orozco, Colombian-born, award-winning designer of furniture and lighting is deeply involved in the lighting and home furnishings industry:


Professional member of The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)

Professional member and former Director of The American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD)

Professional member and official spokesperson for The American Lighting Association (ALA)

Member of The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA)


Experience the art of Sergio Orozco in his Uptown designs for Quoizel Lighting.  Quoizel Lighting has been a true leader in the lighting industry since 1930.  A company founded in New York, it is only natural that Sergio Orozco has aligned with Quoizel for his unique and sophisticated Uptown collection.


Orozco’s latest designs are available at Capitol Lighting showrooms and 1800lighting.com.

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