How to Create Romantic Mood Lighting

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve got a few lighting tips to help you set the mood. Create the ambiance for a perfect evening at home this Valentine’s Day, or any date night for that matter, by setting  the mood and altering your environment with the latest in dimmers, cool switches and dimming controls.

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Envision the possibilities of romantic lighting at home:

  • In the den or living room: create that romantic ambiance by dimming down the lights to  twilight and enjoy a new Netflix series
  • In the bathroom: create a soothing spa-like evening and dim down for a relaxing soak in the tub
  • In the dining room: tone down the volume and turn up the romance with a candlelit dinner for two 
  • In the bedroom: shower the walls with flattering shadow and light to set the mood for a dreamy evening

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Need More Reasons to Dim All the Lights?

Cool Moves
Simply wave your hand in front of a light switch to control the lights. Easy adjustable control systems include the coolest switches which operate at the wave of a hand.

Energy Savings
You’ll enjoy considerable cost-savings year-after-year as automated dimming systems become part of your lighting design. According to the American Lighting Association:

Dimmer switches save $30 a year in utility costs

Lowered Maintenance
Fewer light bulb changes will be needed when lighting controls are used frequently.

Dimming the lights 50% may save about 40% in electricity and increase the life of your bulbs.

Lighting Tips

  • Opt for the most up-to-date dimming systems and check that they are compatible with the latest LED light sources
  • Be sure to purchase light bulbs and retrofit fixtures that are listed as “dimmable”
  • Go for a higher lumen count when purchasing your light sources for the greatest range in adjustability
  • Visit one of our Capitol Lighting showrooms to speak to a Lighting Expert for additional information on dimmers and switches


What do you have planned this Valentine’s Day?


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