Dorm Room Inspiration

It’s time for the big college send-off! Make their first dorm room a welcoming haven where they can relax and recharge their batteries — both literally and figuratively.

Whether their first dorm room is a single with a private bath or a closet-like cubbyhole of personal space, it is their home away from home and it should be filled with items that create a sense of serenity and help to identify this space as their own.

It is easy to go overboard—dorm room décor is your child’s way of expressing their individual sense of style and you could quickly spend a bundle on items that will end up in the trash barrel at the end of the semester. Here are some tips to keep their room budget-friendly:

  • Find bedding and window treatments that are affordable.  There are plenty of options out there and you don’t need designer labels on these products to make your room trend-setting and fashionable.
  • Look for items that you can personalize and decorate yourself—plastic or wood tissue boxes and waste-paper baskets may be personalized with decoupage, permanent markers, stick-on decals, washi tape and ribbon.
  • Save all receipts, open cartons carefully to make for easy returns.
  • Invest in good portable desk and floor lamps.

Sure you can find a desk lamp for five bucks and a floor lamp for under $20, but skimping on the lighting—even for a college dorm room—is a big mistake.

Check out the quality before you buy—a lamp may look functional and chic and the price may be right.  However, check that all lamp parts fit together securely and the lamp base is weighted and balanced to rest firmly on the floor. The last thing you need in a college dorm is a lamp that ends up resting against a wall and presents a fire-hazard.  More than that…healthful illumination is key to an environment geared for increased productivity and emotional stability.

Light is perhaps the most important element you can control to maintain an environment that will:

  • Improve concentration
  • Enhance mood
  • Reduce eyestrain
  • Boost security
  • Induce a good night’s sleep

Here’s our top 5 items to brighten up any dorm room!

Dorm Room Mood Board

Featured: 1. Sterling Industries Green Field Sunburst Wall Mirror 2. Howard Elliott Square Pillows 3. Adesso Stewart Floor Lamp 4. Adesso Zig-Zag Accent Table 5. Cyan Turquoise Stupa Vase

What’s the style of you child’s dorm room? 



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