Ensure a Safer Home Exterior with Outdoor Pier Lights


Homes need outdoor lighting for many reasons – home security, children’s leisure, entertaining guests, and safety for everyone walking towards your door. But it isn’t enough to install lighting near your front door or at the side of your home. You need outdoor lighting that can cover a wider area of your deck or porch and extends to your lawn, and this is where outdoor pier lights come in. Read on to know more about pier mounts and how they can benefit your home.



Pier mount lamps are usually made of wrought iron or cast aluminum. There are complete units available, consisting of light, pole and base. You may also opt to buy the parts separately, but it is best to purchase everything from the same manufacturer so that all of the parts fit. Adapters are also available for use with other types of outdoor lighting.



You can find pier mount lights to match almost any style of home. However, the materials used to manufacture this type of light fixture are limited to iron and aluminium, because they are not sheltered from the elements.




One of the best features of pier lights is that they are low voltage lights. They can be mounted directly to a deck or patio instead of being attached to the side of the house. They are extremely durable and weather resistant, and are specifically made to be positioned out in unprotected areas of your home. Whatever elements they are exposed to, they are sure to look like new for many years to come.



Pier mounts are intended only for outdoor use. They are made particularly for a patio or deck, to cover a larger area. You can install them at the same time as your deck is being constructed, or you can add them later on. The advantage of installing them at the same time as your deck is that you can hide the cords inside the posts so they appear to be part of the deck.



Pier mounted lighting fixtures benefit homeowners in several ways, but the most important one would be their ability to discourage intruders, increasing the level of security around your home as they illuminate your deck or porch and the surrounding area so well that there’s hardly any place for criminals to hide. These lighting fixtures are also energy efficient and can help you save on your electric bill.



One thing you need to remember when purchasing pier mounts is to check if they are certified to be installed in a wet location. If there is no such certification, don’t buy them. Ideally, you should purchase a complete pier light set. But if you want to use regular light as a pier mount, you will need to buy an adaptor as the width of the pole is going to be different compared to regular outdoor lighting.




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