Get the Best Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

Take a nighttime drive or an evening stroll around your neighborhood.  What captures your attention…do you see a beautiful landscape, a luxurious home, an elegant restaurant?

Or maybe you notice an office building that is cold and dark, a local pub that appears uncomfortable and uninviting or a residence that looks out-of-place with awkward light sources and haunting shadows.

Outdoor Lighting Captitol LightingFeatured: Elk Lighting Barrington Gate Wall Light

It will not take you long to realize that the difference between a pleasing outdoor environment and an unsavory one rests in the lighting design.

From vacation home to commercial office space, we’ve got some great outdoor lighting ideas for you that are sure to make a difference and provide a winning reception.

The best outdoor lighting will optimize the value of your property and help you prepare for the spring season ahead with the most welcoming illumination.


Top Outdoor Lighting Tips


Complement your style. Choose outdoor wall lights and pendant fixtures that work with the architectural features of your residential or commercial space.

Whether you favor traditional or modern, the best new finishes for outdoor lighting fixtures include: Dark Weathered Zinc, Raw Brass, Buckeye Bronze, Centennial Rust, Raw Copper and Architectural Bronze.

Finishes in Outdoor Lighting

Featured: Murray Feiss Outdoor Wall Light // Mika Lavery Outdoor Wall Light // Troy Lighting Outdoor Post // Northeastern Latern Outdoor Wall Light // Hinkly Lighitng Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Light // Notheastern Lantern Outdoor Wall Light


Be subtle with accent lighting. No matter how spectacular your home and landscape look during the day, resist the temptation to illuminate everything at night.  Opt for a few path lights to provide general low-level illumination.  Then, select one or two key features, such as a favorite tree, decorative rock garden, textured stone wall and/or fountain, to accentuate with spotlighting.

Customize with portables.  All-weather floor and table lamps make decorating your outdoor seating areas as exciting as your interiors.  A variety of new styles add color and chic illumination to team up your artistic vision with a fresh and airy outdoor living room.

String lights and portable decorative outdoor lanterns make enticing additions to customize your porch, patio and/or outdoor living space, too!

Make nighttime safety a priority.  Check that home entrances and address numbers are clearly visible at night for your guests, as well as for emergency vehicles.


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