Gold, Silver or Champagne: Turn Over a New Leaf Finish for a Beautiful Change of Season!

Leaves are turning colors and custom-designed finishes are capturing it all.  Take a look at the most outstanding leaf finishes of the season….


97018 Hammered Gold box Howard Elliiot

“Hammered Gold” box from Howard Elliot featuring a Brilliant Antique Gold Leaf finish





472155 Van Teal Burst


“Burst” wall sconce from Van Teal in a Gold Leaf-Artisteel finish with a Belleview Cork shade



2561af_s292 Chesapeake bvl Kalco

“Chesapeake” wall sconce from Kalco Lighting featuring an Antique Silver Leaf finish




149-12 Stiletto ES ws Corbett

“Stiletto” LED wall sconce from Corbett Lighting in Champagne Silver Leaf finish





29513-1 Angelita accent lamp Uttermost


“Angelita” accent lamp from Uttermost in heavily antiqued Champagne Leaf finish




rdy1714cs Quoizel Dury

“Dury” semi-flush fixture in Century Silver Leaf finish



4084sg-536 Palazzo Capital

“Palazzo” mini chandelier from Capital Lighting featuring Gold and Silver Leaf finishes with mirrored accents



450750 Sterling ch Van Teal


“Sterling” chandelier from Van Teal in Ancient Silver Leaf finish



3088gf celine ch hinkley

“Celine” chandelier from Hinkley Lighting in Antique Gold Leaf finish



What are “Leaf” finishes?


“Gold beating,” the technique of producing metal leaf, has been used for over 5000 years.”  Gold beating is also called “gold leafing,” and this process yields metal that has been hammered into fine wafer-thin sheets.


Today’s artisans are experimenting with a variety of metals to custom design unique lamps and light fixtures featuring exquisite and durable Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf and Champagne Leaf finishes.  See outstanding light fixtures, lamps and decorative accessories showcasing these extraordinary new leaf finishes at Capitol Lighting showrooms and


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