Does the Groundhog See Shadows in your Backyard?

Highlight your Landscape with Dark Sky-friendly Illumination



Believe it or not spring is around the corner and February 2nd calls for Punxsutawney Phil to tell us how early to welcome in the new season.*

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Gear up for an early spring with dark sky-friendly illumination and an updated landscape lighting design.


Top 5 Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2015


1. Best dark sky outdoor wall lights

allegheny_gallery_wall with troy lighting

image from

b3222 allegany

“Allegany” dark sky wall lights from Troy Lighting


2.  Best dark-sky friendly path lighting installations

Outdoor-Lightings from

image from

E41350-BZ alumilux path light et2

“Alumilux” Energy Smart path lighting from ET2


3.  Best deck lighting installation

Deck Lights from


image from

16801mz hinkley deck light


LED shielded deck lighting from Hinkley Lighting


4.  Best outdoor accent illumination


image from


1706.32f.jpg aero es sonneman


“Aero” Energy Smart indoor/outdoor accent lamps from Sonneman Lighting


5.  Best dark sky security lighting systems

Security lighting from

image from


1771bz Faro PLC lighting security

“Faro” LED and ENERGY STAR-rated outdoor security lights from PLC Lighting


“Dark Sky” lighting products are “fully-shielded” outdoor light fixtures that block glare and light pollution.  Due to the over abundance of artificial light, even our wilderness is invaded by a yellow glare and sky glow.  Not only does this sky glow block our view of a starry night; superfluous artificial night lighting has been linked to the death of wildlife, disturbances in migratory patterns of birdlife and specific cancers in human beings.


For help in highlighting your landscape with dark sky-friendly outdoor light fixtures, contact the experts at or meet with a professional lighting consultant at a Capitol Lighting showroom. 


* According to As of 2014, Punxsutawney Phil has made 118 predictions with an early spring (no shadow) predicted 17 times and these predictions have proved to be correct 39% of the time!


So, what are your predictions for the spring of 2015?







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