Guide to Installing Kitchen Lights


Redecorating your kitchen? Don’t forget lighting. Complete your kitchen makeover with brilliant lighting that will give this space the bright, lively lighting that it needs. Here’s a guide to help you in completing this home improvement project.


Step 1: Prepare Your Kitchen Area

Protect the floors with protective covering. And, most importantly, turn the power off at the source.


Step 2: Mount Under-Cabinet Lights

The first lights you need to install are the kitchen under-cabinet lights. These lights will have to be hardwired. This will involve the installation of a junction box inside the cabinet. You will also need to drill a hole through the bottom of the cabinet so the plug can pass through. Then run the wire into the cabinet from a nearby switch. Protect the wires with a metal cover. Insert the wires into the junction box then pop the cover. Secure the brackets for the under-cabinet lights then snap them in place underneath the kitchen cabinets.


Step 3: Install the Wall Sconces

Have sufficient task lighting for the sink area by adding wall sconces at either side. Measure the location for the wall sconces. Using a hole saw, cut the opening for the remodel box. Connect the wires, install the bracket, then put everything into place. Mount the wall sconces.


Step 4: Install the Rope Lights

Rope lighting is necessary to illuminate the dark spots over the cabinets. These are the easiest to install. You just have to plug in the lights and position them on top of the kitchen cabinets where you want them.


Step 5: Install Ceiling Pendants

Ceiling pendant lights are great lighting fixtures above the bar and dining table. Lay the lights out on a flat surface so you can evenly distribute them. If you are replacing an old light fixture, there will already be wiring in place. In this case, run the wires for the ceiling pendants from that source. Screw the bracket into the ceiling, secure the wires together, then mount the canopy. Do this for all the pendants. Slip the connectors above the light cable. Do this for the rest of the ceiling pendants. Plug in the light bulbs.


Step 6: Install a Light Fixture in the Kitchen Office Area

Your kitchen office area will need a ceiling pendant light as well.  If the ceiling in this area slants, use a plumb bob to determine where to install the light fixture. Do the same steps in installing ceiling pendants for this area.


Step 7: Mount the Halogens and the Eyeball Lamp

Lastly, install some halogen lighting above the refrigerator. Puck lighting used to be the common choice for this area, but eventually, more homeowners grew to prefer halogen lights as they emit more light. Flush mount the halogens into the top of the kitchen cabinet and plug this into a switched outlet. Also, install an eyeball lamp to highlight prints on your kitchen walls and illuminate the area.


Enjoy the activities within your kitchen more with better lighting. With these simple steps, you will be having a brighter, more inviting kitchen where you can share time with family and friends.


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