Helpful Tips in Choosing Outdoor Flush Mount Lighting


When you are buying outdoor lighting, such as a flush mount light, you need to take into consideration how a lighting fixture would affect the overall appearance of your home. Look at all the angles – how would a flush mount look from the front door, the curb, or the driveway? You wouldn’t want to install too small or too few lights as these will not be able to produce the amount of lighting that you actually need. On the other hand, too many lights or very large light fixtures can overwhelm and become too glaring.  Always remember that the purpose of outdoor lighting is to provide security, safety, and a cozy space for you and your guests.


Examine the Overall Lighting in the Area

Flush mount light fixtures are an excellent option for home entrances with a porch as they are able to provide adequate illumination to this area. There are several styles and sizes available out in the market to suit every type of décor and lighting need. Some homes already have intense flood and landscape lighting, so adding a decorative touch to porch and patio ceilings is better than installing very bright lights. Ornately designed outdoor flush mount lights that have soft white light would be ideal for this type of environment. Brass finished flush mount lighting fixtures are also a great choice for outdoor lighting. The intricate design and pattern of Tiffany glass flush mounts are an excellent way to decorate your deck, too.


Take Measurements

Before you start shopping for flush mount lights, you need to make some measurements so you can determine exactly what fixture will provide the optimum lighting level, beam spread, and decorative element in your outdoor space. It is imperative that you get an accurate measurement of the height and width of the ceiling and sidewall as these make the primary guidelines for achieving the perfect outdoor lighting. The next thing you will need to determine is the circumference of the area.


Define the Purpose of the Space You’re Lighting

For some, lighting their outdoor spaces is merely done to allow them to safely spend time outside. For others, however, outdoor lighting is designed for entertaining guests. If you intend to do the second, then you will need to be more meticulous with your choice of outdoor light fixtures, selecting not only based on the level of brightness but also choosing the ones that would create a great impression upon your guests. A flush mount with a simple glass shade can actually provide a sophisticated look. Match the finish of your lighting fixture with the other design elements within the space you are illuminating to achieve a fluid décor.


Opt for Energy Efficiency

While most flush mounts may come with incandescent lighting, there are several options for more energy efficient light bulbs such as halogens and LEDs. These light bulbs have a longer life span and are proven to lower electricity bill significantly, so it would be much wiser to choose these light bulbs for long term savings.


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