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Day Light Saving and Night Light Sensibility

Day Light Saving Time began, in part, to conserve energy and take advantage of the natural light of the sun into the early evening hours.  As modern technology advances, it is debatable whether or not Daylight Saving Time is still a reasonable practice.  Many states and countries around the world continue to re-evaluate the issue, but here we  go again…in most American cities and towns, we are required to adjust our clocks and “spring” ahead one hour.


Modern technology has enabled us to adjust our light levels with precision, and we may work and play around the clock with the safety and security of good lighting design.  More importantly,  the latest lighting products are being made with energy conservation and environmental preservation in mind.  With the advent of LED (light emitting diode), Energy Smart™ *,  CFL (compact fluorescent) and eco-halogen light sources, it is simple to devise a brilliant lighting design that is maintenance-free and magnificent.


New outdoor lighting designs include upgraded finishes, Dark-Sky™* compliant compositions and durable light sources that are geared to provide luxurious night time illumination with little to no maintenance required. 






 1.  Superb Outdoor Lighting Finishes–Outdoor lighting products from Hinkley done exquisite and durable new finishes guaranteed to last and made to withstand the elements. New outdoor lighting finishes include fashion-forward Sienna and rustic Greystone.


2.  Eco-friendly Designs –Energy-Smart, energy-efficient LED lamps, and “Dark Sky”* compliant outdoor fixtures comprise some of  the finest new collections for outdoor illumination that not only look beautiful, but also provide magnificent security lighting that works in unison with the natural environment.


3.  Low Maintenance and Long Lasting Value–Updated lighting controls and outdoor lighting products are designed for easy application and installation.   Top quality compositions are crafted to accommodate state-of-the-art energy-efficient and maintenance-free light sources.


Hinkley Lighting has provided some of the best outdoor and landscape lighting products for 2014…


Fulfill all your outdoor lighting needs with Hinkley.  The latest outdoor lighting designs are not only timelessly luxuriant; they are affordable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient, too!


Top Picks for Spring 2014:


“Manhattan” outdoor post lantern features a hand-painted Oil Rubbed Bronze finish with Clear Beveled glass

2321oz Manhattan OD Post from hinkley


“Bingham” outdoor wall lantern features a Greystone or Sienna finish with Clear Seedy glass

2045gs Bingham outdoor wall light from Hinkley


“Vento” Dark Sky approved outdoor wall light features a new Bronze or Satin Black finish

2180bz Vento outdoor wall light


LED Energy Smart deck lighting available in Bronze, Satin White or Titanium finish

58508bz Hinkley LED deck light

“Colfax” Energy Smart outdoor wall light offered in Bronze or Stainless Steel finish

2924bz-gu24 Colfax Energy Smart wall light


“Pullman” Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Light in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish

2210oz-gu24 Pullman Dark Sky outdoor light


“Riley” Energy Smart Outdoor Wall light features a Greystone or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish

2010oz-gu24 Riley Energy Smart Wall Light


Hinkley Lighting has been proud to offer its lighting products to consumers through Capitol Lighting as another family-owned and operated business that prides itself on exemplary service and quality. —Rick Wiedemer, President, Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley OD pic from phone


Take advantage of Capitol Lighting’s early promotional pricing on fabulous landscape and outdoor lighting, including all new LED designs from Hinkley Lighting!




128-1001 Montana outdoor wall clock from Sterling Industries

Outdoor wall clocks from Sterling Industries, include all new finishes like Montana pictured above.


* In an attempt to protect the beauty and purpose of the night sky, a growing number of cities and towns are drafting ordinances requiring new outdoor lighting fixtures be “dark sky” compliant.  Dark Sky fixtures are crafted so that illumination is properly shielded to focus light downward rather than skyward.


**Energy SMART tm refers to items that use less energy and conserve natural resources.  Energy Smart products must adhere to a specific set of standards to be awarded approval for this rating.


 ***LED (light emitting diode) illumination produces significantly more light per watt and is becoming increasingly available for residential use, especially to light outdoor areas.  Whereas incandescent bulbs typically last 1,000-2,000 hours and fluorescent bulbs may last 10,000-15,000 hours, LED bulbs may last 35,000-50,000 hours.




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