Do Your Homework: Light On the Best School Year


Studies continue to confirm that good lighting helps to improve performance and enhance mood. *

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An A+ School Year:  Best Lighting Design for Increased Comfort, Motivation and Control


Three-Step Program


  1. Evaluate—Take a few minutes to just sit in your room with the lights on.  How does it make you feel?  Is it too bright? Too dim?  Is there enough task light to allow for comfortable reading?  Is there control to alter the illumination according to the time of day and your mood?  Are all the bulbs and light fixtures in good condition?
  2. See what simple changes you can make to improve the situation.  How could you create a better workspace?  A more restful sleep environment? An overall more uplifting, more inviting atmosphere?
  3. Visit with a lighting specialist at an ALA-member showroom to review your lighting design and find the light fixtures, lamps and decorative accessories that will work for you.  


It is not too late to make it the best school year ever.  Get in gear for a grand finish with the latest lighting inspirations, and set yourself up with mood boosting, performance enhancing illumination.


Lighting Design Tips for Your Child’s Room


• Rather than micro-managing their day-to-day life, set them up with optimal lighting in their study space and give them a chance to focus longer and more comfortably on getting the job done on their own.  Carve out a quiet corner with a cleanly designed work space and good task lighting.


• From concentrated desk lighting for studying to night-lights for safety and security, a good lighting plan for child’s bedroom goes a long way to promoting good health and good habits.


• General lighting for relaxing and leisure activities is also important.  Providing your child with portable hand-held controls is a great way to give them some autonomy over their environment, allowing them to focus in on how they are feeling and adjust their lighting to their specific comfort level.

337001wh Kichler control

• Letting your child pick out a lamp or light fixture for their room is a great way to help them express their unique style and individuality.


The latest designs include energy-efficient CFL (compact fluorescent) and LED (light emitting diode) light fixtures, as well as eco-friendly halogen lamps.


Top pics include:


“Jet Plane” lamp from Lite Source

ls-21550 Jet pland tl

“Bling Bling”  lamp from Kovacs

p028-077 Bling Bling from Kovacs


 “Ermete” LED desk lamp from Lite Source


ls-22048blk LED desk lamp from Lite-Source

Visit or a Capitol Lighting showroom to view more outstanding lamps and light fixtures for your child’s room.  Professional lighting consultants will help you find the best light sources, light fixtures and accessories to get the job done.


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