How to Achieve Backyard Bliss

Summertime will be here before you know it; so getting your outdoor living space in peak form is a top priority. Take a look at how our lighting designers cultivate the ideal environment, and envision how you can achieve your backyard bliss!


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When it comes to luxury and fashioning outdoor ambiance, Lighting Professional, Steve Young,  helps customize majestic environments that enchant and enhance your natural surroundings.

We share his expertise, design tips and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Q: What are the latest trends in outdoor lighting design?

A: Many customers are opting to replicate the look of their indoor dining room by installing all-weather chandeliers over their outdoor dining areas. Justice Design Group has come out with some fabulous new chandeliers that extend the invitation for al fresco dining and entertaining.

I like to include a few well-placed portable lamps to complement the chandeliers; outdoor portable lamps around seating areas define boundaries and tailor a zone for relaxation and quiet conversation.

When planning an outdoor and landscape lighting job, you must create a harmonizing atmosphere in keeping with the style of the indoor environment.  The overall effect should speak about luxury and increase the value of your property.

Q: What are your favorite decorative outdoor or landscape lighting techniques?

A: Highlighting gardens with subtle lowlights, as well as adding one or two decorative outdoor accessories make wonderful enhancements and may serve as attractive focal points in your landscape design.

Whether you add lighted planters or captivating statuary, it is very important to keep the outdoor environment flowing with the style of the home and the architecture, whether ultra modern, rustic or traditional.

Q: What type of bulbs do you recommend?

A: By now, most people are hearing a lot about LED bulbs, and they are definitely the way to go. For energy-efficiency and minimal maintenance LED bulbs are the clear winner. Everyone wants LED regardless of indoor or outdoor use.  

Some customers still prefer the illumination from incandescent light sources, yet the newer LEDs –especially the latest nostalgic LED light sources–are offering that same flattering illumination.

Q: How about color-changing LED lighting to enhance backyard areas?

A: Colorful LED lighting looks great with certain water features, whether you are installing underwater in a swimming pool or around an organic waterfall.  But make sure the color you select adds to the natural features and enhances those characteristics.

Sometimes people try to go for that “wow” factor with too many colors and this takes away from the natural beauty of the outdoors.

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Q: Which lighting controls do you recommend?

A: Smart Home control systems and automated timers are a must–not only for energy-savings and easy maintenance, but also for security.  Having lights that are sensitive to motion that turn on when people are approaching your home at night provides a sensible welcome for guests and acts as a big deterrent for intruders.

Q: Which fixtures work best in coastal areas?  Does climate dictate your fixture selection?

A: Top quality outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to withstand the elements from blazing sunshine to frigid snowstorms.

There are special considerations when you live by the sea, as salty air can cause an outdoor lighting fixture to weather more rapidly.  In coastal areas, outdoor lanterns with finishes that will patina naturally are your best bet.

Q: What is the biggest outdoor lighting challenge you have encountered?

A: Meshing the needs for safety and security, while providing subtle lighting effects that take into account Dark Sky laws, energy-savings, and restrictions from town-to-town as far as permits and approval for outdoor lighting within a community.

It is important to strike a unifying balance, keeping safety and security in mind, while going for a luxurious overall presentation that is both comfortable and captivating.

Helpful Tips to Create Backyard Bliss:

  • Select bulbs in the comfort zone around 2700-3000K.  Try the new outdoor nostalgic LEDS.
  • Keep the bugs away–Try a ceiling fan. Besides providing great style and cooling comfort to your outdoor areas, outdoor ceilings fans make it difficult for mosquitoes and gnats to hang around, as they powerfully circulate the air below!

Lighting Professional: Steve Young

With more than 40 years in the lighting industry, Steve has proudly helped customers find the perfect lighting fixtures for their homes.

“I love to help light the way to happier homes for each of my clients.”

Do you have additional questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Hi Arben,

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    Hi My name is Arben.I m building my new house,actually i,m in time for lighting .
    Please can you give some advice related to lighting (My house is three store house + garden).

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