How to Highlight A Photo Wall

Highlight Your Art Gallery Wall

20151218_Collins_010 How to Highlight a Photo Wall

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love, brought together under one roof. – Nate Berkus

No matter how you set the stage, bring your story to life with the right light.

There are a number of ways to maximize the allure of your art gallery wall or photographs, whether you opt for adjustable recessed fixtures, rail lighting, track lighting or individual picture lights, we have 5 easy-to-follow tips to help you highlight your story.

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How-to Highlight the Artistic Essence of your Gallery Wall

Bring light to your gallery wall without the glare with these helpful tips:

  1. Your light source should be aimed at a 30-degree angle from the vertical to prevent light from shining in anyone’s eyes. This will also eliminate reflections off surfaces of photos and artwork.  

Additional Lighting Tips: Add 5 degrees to the angle for a larger frame or reduce 5 degrees to accent texture. For reflective glass, lucite and glossy surfaces, you may need to increase the angle, placing the light source at a 45-degree angle from the center of the photo or artwork.

  1.  Accent lighting should be three-times more powerful than surrounding illumination.  Check the lumen count on your accent light sources and see that they provide a brighter light, aim for a 3:1 contrast between accent and ambient illumination.
  2.  Large framed pictures or paintings may be highlighted with individual picture lights mounted directly on the frame.
  3.  A grouping of small pictures looks best when illuminated as an ensemble rather than having a light on each individual picture.
  4.   Use LED bulbs to protect your photos and artwork. Natural sunlight, as well as ultraviolet or infrared light sources may cause fading or harm to color pigments.

LED light sources in the 2700K-3000K are recommended for most residential applications, although your gallery wall may need cool white light to highlight your artwork. If it does, use LED accent lighting with a 4500 kelvin temperature.

How do you showcase your story in your home?




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