How To Make Your Own Floral Arrangement

Make Your Own Flower Arrangement Home

Let’s start off by saying how much we love floral arrangements! They easily bring a space to life and are the perfect finishing touch. Using them as centerpieces for a dinner party or family gathering ties everything together. If you’re not hosting a dinner party, simply placing floral arrangements around the house can brighten any room.

Beautiful floral arrangements can go a long way, but we may not all have a green thumb and that knack for pulling together a bouquet we are proud to display. So to help a friend out, we are breaking it down and sharing a few helpful tips to easily create a gorgeous floral arrangement at home.

What You Need:

Before you get started, you’ll need a few essentials. We recommend selecting two to three types of greens, one to three types of flowers, tape, floral scissors and a medium to large vase.
We picked up our flowers at Trader Joe’s and they were extremely helpful in making our selections. To recreate this arrangement, we used tulips, waxflower, eucalyptus and spray flowers.

What to Do:

  1. First you’ll need to cut strings of tape to create a frame for the flowers to sit in. You’ll need to apply the strips of tape across the evas to create a grid of ½” to 1” squares.
  2. Next, you’ll need to stem all the greens and cut each stem according to the height and style you’re looking for. For this particular arrangement, we cut them mid-length to give it an overflowing, natural look.
  3. Once you’ve got the tape frame set, add the greens around the sides and the back – leaving space to add flowers towards the front of the vase. We decided to add some dimension to the arrangement by cutting the stems at two different sizes and interchanging the placement.
  4. Next, cut the flowers’ stem smaller than the greens. We wanted the tulips to stand taller, cutting less of the stem for these. Once you’ve added in the middle flowers, continue building the arrangement by adding the lower-cut, smaller flowers towards the front and side of the vase.
  5. To make the arrangement softer, reduce the number of flowers and greens placed in each square to have a “waterfall” effect; add more flowers and greens per square to make the arrangement fuller.

Make Your Own Flower ArrangementMake Your Own Flower Arrangement 2

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