Dress Up Your Bathroom

One of the perfect ways to enhance and update the look and feel of your bathroom or dressing area is with Bathroom Vanity Mirrors!

Bath Vanity Mirrors are essential tools in powder rooms, as well as bathrooms; they should be chosen with care, for they serve a decorative purpose, too.

Practical and well-designed and/or oversized and ornate, Bathroom Vanity Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes in an array of finishes and styles.


Types of mirrors include: Wall mirrors, floor mirrors, lighting make-up mirrors, and accent mirrors.  Mirrors may be framed or frameless, depending upon your design scheme and application.

To find the exact style, shape and size, follow our 3-step Buying Guide

1.  Know the dimensions of your room and desired area of placement.

2.  Choose according to purpose:  as a space-enhancing element, design statement or purely functional.

3. Define your preferred style:  Eclectic, traditional, contemporary, etc.

Visit 1800lighting.com or a Capitol Lighting showroom for expert advice and personal assistance in designing your bathroom with vanity mirrors and bath vanity lights.


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