How to Install a Reading Lamp Such as a Swing Arm Wall Lamp


Installing a swing arm wall lamp for a reading lamp is beneficial for you for so many reasons. For one, it does not take up floor space. With its adjustable structure, you can position the lighting exactly where you need it. And, it’s a beautiful decor to add into your room. Here are the steps to help you install your swing arm wall lamp.


Step #1: Decide where you want to place your reading lamp

The first step in this project is deciding where you want your swing arm lamp to be positioned. In this step, you may want to ask someone to help you by holding the lamp in the spot where you plan to install it. Then stand back and see if the lamp looks good in this spot. If you are not too comfortable with this spot, ask the one assisting you to hold it in another position until you feel good about where the lamp should actually be mounted.


Step #2: Take Measurements

With a tape measure, measure the distance between the holding space on the lamp, and where you want the lamp to be placed. Use a pencil to mark this area so it can be erased after, but make sure that your mark is dark enough that you will be able to see it when you start drilling.



Step #3: Measure Where to Put the Bracket

This time, still using a tape measure, measure where the bracket will actually be mounted. You will need to use a drill and bits to bore a few holes so that the bracket is tightly held in place. Hold the bracket into place using screws so it is securely fastened, keeping it from becoming loosened from the wall. Make sure that the bracket is exactly where you want it to be placed and that it is securely held in place so that no movement is allowed.


Step #4: Mounting the Lamp Hardware

In the wall lamp kit that you purchased, there would be hardware, including a holding plate. Take these items out and screw the holding plate onto the bracket that you have just mounted on the wall. The hardware will vary from kit to kit depending on the brand that you have selected, but the parts are quite self-explanatory, so there are not many different tools needed to place them where they belong.


Step #5: Enjoy Reading As You Use Your New Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Your newly installed reading lamp is now ready to be used! Start reading and enjoy your newly installed lighting.


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