How to Install Track Lights for Your Home Office


If you want to create a productive home office environment, you need to make sure that you have the right lighting in place. Track lights are great for home office lighting. Aside from improving the ambiance of your work space, track lighting also improves the contrast of colors, so you are able to see clearer. Another benefit of having track lights installed in your home office is, they can be directed into any direction, so you get to have your lighting exactly where you want it to be. Installing track lights is quite easy, so you won’t have to hire an expert to do this for you. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing track lights in your home office.


Step 1: Switch Off the Main Power Source

The first thing that you need to do before you start with this project is to switch off your home’s main electrical circuit. You will also need to wear a pair of insulated gloves for your protection.


Step 2: Remove the Old Light Fixtures

Remove existing lighting fixtures in your work area. Use a holder to place the light fixtures to make this step easier. You will also be needing a ladder for reaching the existing fixtures. To make sure that you are safe, have someone assist you and hold the ladder while you climb each wrung. Check if the existing wiring is still good. Otherwise, clip the ends of the oxidized wires for safety reasons.


Step 3: Wire the Track Lights

Track lights have their own wire connectors that provide power to the entire line of track lights. Insert the wires of the track connectors into the hole that housed the wires of the old light fixture. Avoid any accidental short circuit and electrocution by wrapping an electrical tape on the exposed wires.


Step 4: Mount the Track Connector

After the wirings have been connected, fasten the track connector onto the ceiling. With a pencil, mark the area where the holes for installing the lights will be drilled. Make sure that the track lights are in a straight position before drilling the holes.



Step 5: Bolt in the Track Lights

Slip the toggle bolts into the hole and firmly screw them in place.  Next, raise the track lights and slide them into the connector. Support the lights by driving the toggle bolts onto the holes. With a screw driver, secure the toggle bolts. Make sure that the track lights are firmly secured. Check for any wobbly studs around the tracks.


Step 6: Test the Track Lights

Switch the power back on and test the track lights. Also check if the lights are pointed towards the right direction. If not, climb up the ladder one more time and adjust the angles of the track lights so they are direction to the right area.


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