Light On A Bright School Year!

Upgrade Your Child’s Bedroom for the Brightest School Year Ever

Whether they are sleeping, doing homework, or listening to a parent read their favorite bedtime story, children spend a great deal of time in their bedrooms.

A good lighting design will make these hours more comfortable and satisfying, and a properly lighted living space will help your child to feel and be their best.

7 Super Lighting Tips to Upgrade your Child’s Bedroom

1.  Low voltage heads along track or rail lighting are ideal for children’s rooms. Low voltage track heads may be easily adjusted as children grow; their need for more task lighting is increased.  A child’s room goes from being a place primarily for sleeping to a place where homework is completed or friends come over to hang out, and low voltage heads may be easily reconfigured along a track to provide both task and ambient illumination.art_met-hang-low voltage track head from Tech Lighting










2. General lighting for relaxing and leisure activities may be provided with an energy efficient halogen torch lamp or LED floor lamp placed in a corner. Making the bedroom a haven for relaxing, studying or simply daydreaming is a primary goal of the ideal lighting scheme.79680 Yasmine Reading Floor Lamp from Arteriors Home










3.  Find the perfect bedside lamp.  Most school age children require good lighting for nighttime reading or studying. Allowing your child to choose their own bedside table lamp gives them an opportunity to express their individualized style and generates feelings of Airplane table lamp







*Having your child pick out their own bedside table lamp is a great way for them to customize a personal living space, especially when they share a room with a sibling.



4.  Clip-on lamps are great for over the desk or at the bedside.  A myriad of new styles in clip-on lamps include novel colors and custom finishes that blend seamlessly with room decor. Be sure to employ clip-on lamps that remain cool to the touch for the safety of your child.  Try Super White LED Gooseneck lamps.

5. Wall lights are a great option where floor space is limited. Energy Smart ™ wall lights and shaded wall swing lamps offer reading light with superb transitional styling, perfect for children’s’ bedrooms. *Be sure wall swing lamps are equipped with cool bulbs and non-metal shades for safety as lamps within reach of children must remain cool to the touch.

g275-wt White Wall Swing Lamp from House of Troy








Creatively designed wall sconces are especially suitable for a child’s bedroom.  Installed with dimmer switches, they transition beautifully to provide overall illumination at full brightness to night lighting when dimmed.  Rooms for children may be personalized with complementary wall sconces in styles from traditional candelabra to colorful geometric designs.

6.   A central chandelier provides a customized focal point and can be a true design statement in a child’s bedroom.  Creative compositions range from sports and outer space themes to flowery bouquets and angels.

5089-3n Spacemen ceiling fixture











7.  Some children enjoy a fan in their rooms.  From the soothing sound of the fan whirl to the superb ambient illumination from an innovative light kit, modern ceiling fans are ideal to customize the look and function of a child’s bedroom.23781-Dreamland Fan by Hunter











From concentrated task lighting for studying, reading or grooming to night-lights for safety and security, a good lighting plan for your child’s bedroom goes a long way to promoting healthy habits.  Providing your child with the correct balance of light is more important to promoting their academic success than providing them with the greatest tutoring services in the world!

Summertime is the perfect time to spruce up their rooms for fall!

To view the latest styles in bedroom lighting or for more ideas on illuminating your child’s room, visit with a professional lighting consultant at a Capitol Lighting showroom.





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