The Best Lighting Options for Your Bathroom

In the bathroom, lighting serves several purposes, making it easy for you to perform your daily grooming routines and also helps you relax and de-stress after a long day. When planning for your bathroom lighting, you need to consider incorporating a variety of sources to provide ambient, task, and accent illumination. You will also need to go beyond function and choose lighting fixtures that will blend with your bathroom’s design scheme. Here are a few suggestions to help you determine what fixtures to install and where.



Diffusers Above the Mirror

Mounting open or closed diffusers centered above the mirror is a great way to minimize shadows on your face. Be careful when choosing between clear glass fixtures that expose the bulb and translucent one – clear glass fixtures tend to produce a glare unlike translucent fixtures.


Wall Sconces or Pendant Lights Beside the Mirror

The best way to minimize shadows over the face, under the chin, eyes and cheeks is to put lights beside the mirror, such as wall sconces. The good thing about wall sconces is that they provide both task and accent lighting. Place the sconces on both sides of the mirror at eye level, about 66 to 72 inches from the floor, to get ample illumination for personal grooming without the shadows.


Pendant lights are also a charming way to add task lighting in your bathroom, providing a clean, contemporary accent. You can hang a single pendant at the center of your vanity or suspend two or more fixtures.


Vanity Lights on the Mirror

You can also mount a vanity light directly on the mirror for a clean and sleek look in your bathroom. Choose a fixture that is nicely finished in the back as it is in the front as the mirror will be reflecting the back portion of the fixture. Simple and slender light fixtures will blend easily with the other finishes in the bathroom.


Recessed Lights for Ambient Lighting



To get the most light coverage where you need it, position the recessed lights closer to the mirror. This also avoids having shadows around your face when putting on makeup, shaving, or other personal grooming activities. You can also create a lighter, brighter space by installing two or more recessed lights spaced out in a row.


Chandelier for Decorative Lighting

Add elegance to your bathroom with a gorgeous chandelier hanging over a free standing tub. Decorative lights not only add beauty to the decor and mood but also enhance light coverage while working with other task lights. Ensure a cohesive look throughout the room by coordinating the materials and finishes of your chandelier with the hardware in the bathroom, such as faucets and handles.


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