Lighting Tips for Studio Apartments


If you are renting a small studio apartment, there are various ways that you can optimize the small space that you have and still make it look cozy and charming with the right selection of lamps and lighting fixtures. Here’s a roundup of our top five picks for studio apartment lighting for your home décor inspiration. You will notice that these are all in neutral shades of white, beige, and brown – universal hues that will suit almost any type of interior décor.


Tripod Lamp

tripod lamp

This dual function floor lamp is great as a bedside table and also as an end table. Its clean, slim, linear structure is ideal for a minimalist interior, given the limited space. This floor lamp will provide enough task lighting whenever you need it.


Floor Lamp with Shelves

lamp with shelf

Here’s another dual function floor lamp that is suitable for studio apartments as it does not take up so much space. This one would look good beside a TV console, in your reading nook, or even beside your table. Its circular shape makes it a perfect addition to small spaces because it eliminates the chances of anyone getting hurt when they bump into the lamp.


Wall Sconces

wall sconceswall sconceswall sconces

Ditch the old table lamp and make more room for your favorite book, reading glasses, mobile phone, and tablet as you mount wall sconces at each side of your bed. The translucent shad of this wall sconce is just the right shade for your bedside lighting, allowing some of the light to shine through the linen while at the same time providing downward illumination. Position them so that the light is focused on what you are reading and does not cast glare into the eyes.


Ceiling Pendant

ceiling pendant

Add elegance and warmth to your dining area with this ceiling pendant. When your space does not allow for a chandelier, a pendant light is one of your best lighting options to add charm and sophistication to your studio apartment. This pendant provides just the right amount of general lighting above your dining table and also makes for a beautiful ornamental piece to your home.


Flush Mount Ceiling Light

flush mount

If your studio apartment has a low ceiling and even a pendant light is not an option, the best candidate for your studio’s ambient lighting would be this flush mount ceiling light. This one offers a clean relaxed design with accents at the bottom of the fixture that look like small branches, adding a natural touch to it.


Remember, when selecting lighting pieces for a smaller space such as a studio apartment, choose those that are slim and do not take so much space, light-colored to create an illusion of space, and whenever possible, can provide more than one function. So, which one of these will you be taking home?

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  1. Knoxville Website Design
    May 26, 2016 at 1:31 am (1 year ago)

    The floor lamp with shelves would be good! The more storage the better in a studio apartment!


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