The Magic of LLadro Shines a Light on the Holiday Season

European Origins, Universal Appeal—The Lladró Brothers Bring it Home for the Holidays!

1950-4  Jose, Juan and Vicente Lladro in 1960

Jose, Juan and Vicente Lladró in 1960

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Masters of fine porcelain figurines, the Lladró brothers have been bringing “the luxury of the handcrafted” to famous places around the world since 1953. Their work continues to shine, as the magic unfolds into the world of illumination. Experience the romance of traditional table lamps and be captivated by whimsical modern LED chandeliers—LLadró brings it home for the holidays with lighting and decorative accessories that are extraordinary.


From neoclassic floral arrangements to fairies and fantasy, the mark of a Lladró design is absolutely distinguishable.  Award-winning artistry includes one-of-a-kind figures and fantasy themes sculpted into captivating wall art, tabletop decor, light fixtures and table lamps.  Clearly, Lladró is a world-renowned designer brand with a signature style all its own.

Looking for something special this holiday season?  Lladró may be just the thing!

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Porcelain figurines and dream-like scenes are handcrafted and incorporated into decorative home decor, table lamps, ceiling fixtures and wall lighting. Rich in history, authentic in design–a piece from Lladró will capture attention and illuminate the holidays with sheer elegance.  Enjoy the best from Lladró at…



Anubis” figurine

01008439 Anubis lladro


“Poppy Flowers” Blue Urn/Vase

01008620 poppy flowers blue vase




“Redeco” glass table lamp

01007081 redeco tl




“Yoga” lamps

01023002 yoga lamp




“Giselle Arabesque” table lamp

01023042 giselle arabesque



“Estratos” table lamp

01009058 Estratos tl





“Sparrows” table lamp

01023356 sparrows tl




“Tender Embrace” table lamp

01023352 tender embrace




“Niagara” LED chandelier

01017027 niagara ch


Since 1953, the Lladró brothers have been pouring their heart and soul into the art of custom-crafted porcelain.  Their ingenuity and expansive reach incorporate modern technology and fashion-forward design.  With a fervent respect for ancient wisdom and religious tenets, the artistry of fine porcelain comes to light.

Enhance your holiday with table decor and lighting designs from LLadró.  Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or to see an extraordinary collection of table lamps, chandeliers and home decor from Lladró.



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