Made in America and Family-Strong

Lighting the Way with Top Vendors Made in America and Family-Strong!


It’s all in the family with great home lighting and accessories–Northeast Lantern, Hubbardton Forge and Van Teal– join many outstanding vendors in the lighting industry that are family-strong and growing, as sons and daughters follow in their father’s footsteps to deliver premium lighting products with a sense of true dedication and commitment.


Celebrate the best of American-made lighting products and family businesses. Enjoy durable and beautifying lamps, light fixtures and decorative accessories made in the USA and instilled with family pride.  Learn how these top vendors continue to deliver stylish lighting products and decorative accessories that endure year after year.



Northeast Lantern, designed to hold up under pressure and age gracefully….


•This grass roots company originated in 1987 when Gordon Heal pursued his lifelong dream of creating and selling solid brass and copper lighting fixtures.


•Northeast Lantern continues to rise above the competition, as Christopher Heal joins his father to custom design outstanding and durable lighting products.


• With American-made lighting designs from the state of New Hampshire, Northeast Lantern presents a finished product approved by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services in a clean and green process.


•Every lantern is fabricated, soldered and finished by hand.  A unique lifetime guarantee and special orders for custom designs give Northeast Lantern its competitive edge in the outdoor lighting market. Marketing push by Stephen Galgocy.


3317-med-clr Heal od wall light Northeast Lantern

“Heal” outdoor wall light from Northeast Lantern



Hubbardton Forge keeps the home fires burning…


•”Hubbardton Forge, the oldest and largest commercial forge in the country, has plans to double its $38 million in sales over the next five years and continue to bring work home to America.”–Paul McCaffrey  “The collaboration, the artistry, and the underlying ties of family and community that bind the Forge together offer a compelling glimpse of what a resurgent American manufacturing sector can look like.”


•Father and son teams work side by side:  Metal artisan, Scott Belden, taught his son, Jeff, the art of fashioning forged leaves into exquisite lighting compositions.  Another remarkable pair–Bruce Pyle and his son, Zach work together in environmentally-friendly processing and product design.

244101_08_872 Balance HF floor lamp

 “Balance”  new hand-forged floor lamp from Hubbardton Forge


Take your residential or commercial  illumination to new heights with outstanding chandeliers from Hubbardton Forge and Northeast Lantern…


135001_07_c quill from HF

“Quill” chandelier from Hubbardton Forge




964-lt6 Northeast Lantern chandelier

Custom-designed chandeliers from Northeast Lantern


Van Teal continues to set a shining example…

725650 Amnesia chandelier Van Teal

 “Amnesia” chandelier from Van Teal


“My dad is truly one of the most incredible people I know, and I am thankful for the example he has shown to me, my siblings, and to everyone else.” Eddy Van Teal, son of founder Hivo Van Teal to enLIGHTenment Magazine, April 2013


Honor and Illuminate family and novel lighting design with the brilliance and passion of Hivo Van Teal!
 815162 Earthwise Floor lamp van teal
“Earthwise” Floor Lamp by Van Teal


•For over 30 years, the Van Teal family has been creating new designs, innovative shade treatments and colorful acrylics, showcasing a fantastic blend of artistic expression and brilliant illumination.


•Committed to minimizing the impact business has on the environment, Van Teal operates with a growing concern for the welfare of the planet:


→Focusing efforts on the manufacturing process and raw material sourcing to reduce energy demands.


→Working to create lamps and light fixtures with an eye on sustainability.


A leader in the lighting industry since 1976, Van Teal continues to delight with innovative and whimsical light fixtures and decorative accessories that are truly remarkable. Enjoy Van Teal’s complete line of table and floor lamps, ceiling and wall light fixtures and home accessories at

665550 Legacy chandelier van teal

 “Legacy” chandelier from Van Teal


Stop in at a Capitol Lighting showroom to see all new designs from Van Teal. Shop online at for unbeatable prices and more outstanding chandeliers, portable lamps and decorative accessories from VanTeal!



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