Meet Our Artisans: Jacob Sperling

Maxim began with the hard work and dedication of Jacob Sperling who came to Los Angeles on a student visa in 1965 to pursue his education in aeronautical engineering at Northrop Institute of Technology. While studying, he worked as a sales associate for a lighting retailer and became acquainted with the lighting industry. Jacob quickly realized that customer satisfaction led to innovation in both design and utility. Soon, he was spending his nights working in his garage turned makeshift factory; designing and engineering his own fixtures and then selling them locally. His customers were so impressed by his original, innovative designs in beveled glass and brass that demand increased and Jacob began selling his designs throughout California from the back of his station wagon. In 1970, Jacob brought his brother, Zvi Sperling, into the growing business to assist him in creating a company focused on customer needs and expectations.

41 YEARS LATER, you will find vibrantly rich and diverse products in both Maxim Lighting and ET2 Lighting; replete with traditional, transitional, and contemporary products answering the needs in terms of cutting edge technology and resilient material types for the builder, residential, hospitality and commercial customer, buying in both stores and online. These designs continue to be architected by Jacob. Visiting fashion shows around the world, he interacts with different designs from different countries, but never discounting the needs of his customers in the pursuit of captivating lighting fixtures. Jacob pays tribute to the instruments; his understanding of material (first introduced at Northrop and later at the lighting retailer) and the various world inspirations in implementing cutting edge design and technology that not only meets but exceeds the customers needs each time he puts paper to pen and finger to keyboard.



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