Meet Our Artisans: Stacey Testa

Stacey Testa of the Raymond Waites Design Team

Savoy House is consistently searching the globe for gifted partners that share passion for groundbreaking lighting design, offering their customers exciting new collections with each introduction. In MASTER LIGHTING V collection, Savoy House debuted their newest partnership with Raymond Waites, a pioneering force in the design industry.

On November 1, 1994, Raymond Waites Vintage Home Collection was born in New York, ushering in a new and exciting golden age of decoration. As an accomplished designer with over 30 years of experience in designing products for the home, Raymond Waites set the tone for the company. Over the years their talented creative team led by the head designer, Stacey Testa has greatly expanded its vision, developing the very best home design products found in fine stores.

The unique beauty of Raymond Waites springs from a breadth of creative expertise. From paint brush to gallery, the Raymond Waites studio designs every object for the beautiful modern home. Creations include fashion bedding, bath accessories, textiles, wall coverings, area rugs, lamps, chandeliers, dinnerware and decorative accessories.

Raymond Waites signature: Mixing the opulent with the humble to create timeless and refreshing looks with casual elegance.


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