LED and OLED Light Fixtures are Redefining How We See the Light

Modern Forms and the Future of Illumination

oled_v3 Vela from Modern Forms
Spectacular OLED chandeliers present the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly illumination with a futuristic flare.

Modern Forms lighting is providing cutting edge illumination with the “Vela” series. “Vela” OLED chandeliers and wall lights offer fashion-forward, nanotechnology  in these exceptionally thin profiled light fixtures. Ingeniously designed to give an evenly distributed widespread, glare-free illumination,“Vela” chandeliers and wall sconces are perfect for the modern dining area.


Modern Forms is a solid-state innovator like no other.  An esteemed manufacturer of the Modern Forms brand, WAC Lighting offers the best in upscale LED light fixtures. With over 25 years of celebrated service and top quality designs, WAC Lighting is a leading global manufacturer and designer of lighting for residential, commercial, retail and architectural applications.


Experience the ultimate in solid-state, semi-conductor illumination with Modern Forms’ all new LED (light-emitting diode) and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) light fixtures.


From free-form ceiling fixtures to handsomely tailored wall lights, Modern Forms offers an array of lighting compositions that are extremely well-designed and energy-efficient.  Experience the entire line of more than 26 families and 160 styles; update your home with the latest lighting fashions.


Top performance products from Modern Forms include Dark Sky-approved outdoor light fixtures, decorative bath vanity lights and state-of-the-art OLED chandeliers and wall sconces.


Top Pics Include:

3127bn Vogue from Modern Forms

“Vogue” flush mount fixtures are exquisite.  Mount as wall sconces or ceiling fixtures for an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant low-profile presentation.


Available in Brushed Nickel, Bronze or Chrome with mouth-blown Opal Etched glass, the “Vogue” series features sleek styling with a transformer conveniently located in the outlet box, 50,000 hour potential life, excellent color rendering (CRI=85) and dimming with an electronic low voltage (ELV) dimmer.


2412bz Rain from Modern Forms




“Rain” offers a Zen design with Clear Seedy Glass evoking the image of a gentle rainfall.  Dark Sky friendly and ADA compliant for indoor or outdoor lighting applications.

3019ss Maze from Modern Forms




Maze-Inspired by Piet Mondrian paintings of the De Stiji art movement, the Maze collection features laser cut patterned stainless steel custom fit over a silk screen filtered glass shade.



3919al vetri take 2



“Vetri” offers a bit of glamour and panache with sparkling textured glass, a curvilinear Brushed Aluminum profile and LED lighting—excellent for your master bath or powder room.  Piastra style glass is hand formed using techniques dating back to the 13th century.


See the full line of Modern Forms Lighting at 1800lighting.com.


Sustainable, precision-engineered and individually crafted…light fixture compositions from Modern Forms embody the wave of the future with high style and unmatched sophistication.


Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or shop 1800lighting.com for the latest LED and OLED illumination.



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