Prepare for a LIGHT Hurricane Season!

Hurricane Season 2014 Promises to be LIGHT!


ls-3599cblu Hurricane lamp from LiteSource

 “Hurricane” lamp from Lite Source
The official Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1st and ends November 30th.  Each year predictions are published several times before the actual beginning of the season.


Weather patterns of late have been anything but normal. Great floods, winds and super storms—areas once deemed “safe havens” are nowhere to be found— as New Jersey has seen more damaging storms than Florida.  So, a little precaution and preparedness is a good idea for all.


Although weather authorities predict a relatively quiet hurricane season this year, they urge everyone to be prepared as “it only takes one storm to destroy a neighborhood.”



How-to: Prep your Home for Hurricane Season

LED_FLKR_E12 LED candle light from Bulbrite

 LED candle light from Bulbrite Industries


Preparing your home with hurricane-proof windows and having a few basic essentials on hand may mitigate the impact of nature’s fury and help you to survive in the event that unforeseen weather takes over your neighborhood.


Your emergency kit should include:

• 3-day supply of clothing

• 3-day supply of non-perishable food

• Bottled water (one gallon per person per day)

• Manual can opener

• Flashlight and extra batteries

• First aid kit, including aspirin, bandages, antibiotic cream and antacids

• Hygiene products, including cleansing wipes and toilet paper

• Battery-powered radio and extra batteries

• Whistle or high-pitched battery-operated emergency siren

• Matches and waterproof container

• Copies of credit cards, ID, passports, housing documents and insurance papers in airtight plastic bags

• Cash (ATM and credit card machines may shut down)

• Full week supply of prescription medications

• Eye glasses, contact lens supplies

Things to do when storm warnings are posted include:


• Keep a full tank of gas in the car when a hurricane is on the way, as gas stations may not be open.


• Close and lock doors and windows.


• Unplug electrical equipment—portable lamps, TVs, small appliances.


• Leave freezers and refrigerators plugged in, unless there is a risk of flooding. In the event of a power outage, most food products will keep for up to three days in a closed freezer or refrigerator.


• Put breakable items, such as portable lighting, in a padded bathtub.


• Make a family meeting place, and have a place to stay outside the hurricane-prone zone.


Home Lighting Tips:


  • Invest in durable, non-corrosive weather-resistant light fixtures and control systems.


  • Store LED candles that are long-lasting, rechargeable and/or battery operated. Due to the fact that candles used for light during power outages caused about one-third of all fatal home fires, it is no longer recommended to stock fire burning candles for emergency purposes. *


  • Update with LED light sources; they are more durable and mercury-free, non-toxic and less harmful if broken.


  • Keep an LED flashlight in each room.


“Hurricane” lamps are those light sources–candles, oil wicks or light bulbs–that are contained within a strong glass enclosure.  Originally designed to protect a candle or oil burning flame from strong winds,  traditional hurricane glass has a definitive chimney style shape that embodies a nostalgic essence.


Keep an eye on a LIGHT hurricane season with traditional, as well as updated contemporary “hurricane” lamps….

tt50214 Diego Hurricane lamp from Dale Tiffany

“Diego” hurricane lamp from Dale Tiffany



98006 Howard Elliot Mirrored hurricane glass candle holders

Mirorred wall decor with hurricane glass candle holders from Howard Elliot



51-10068 Hurricane candle holder from sterling

“Hurricane Lantern” candle holder from Sterling Industries



391821 cut crystal hurricane candle holder from Wildwood

“Cut Crystal Hurricane” candle holder from Wildwood


Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or shop for more information on the latest weather-resistant products and to view the finest in new home lighting and accessories.



Top new LED and hurricane glass products include:




7921-2-86 French Quarter outdoor post lamp from Quorum International with hurricane glass

Outdoor post lantern from Quorum International with hurricane glass



LED32536-BNB LED Hadley post lamp from Designers Fountain

“Hadley” LED Energy Smart outdoor post lamp from Designers Fountain


ls-16141alu Elaxi LED wall light from Lite Source

“Elaxi” LED Energy Smart wall light from Lite-Source


LED_CAND_SF LED table top candles from Bulbrite

LED rechargeable candles from Bulbrite Industries




Stay safe and bright with the best in decorative home lighting and accessories; visit with professional lighting consultants at Capitol Lighting showrooms in Florida and New Jersey for in-store specials and personalized service!





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