Do a Room Makeover by Installing a New Ceiling Pendant

If you want a particular space in your home to have a dramatic change, installing a new indoor light fixture such as a ceiling pendant can do this. Add sophistication and warmth with this very easy home improvement project without having to hire an expert.


Ceiling pendants can add style and visual appeal into any interior décor, while at the same time providing adequate task lighting. One ceiling pendant is enough, but you may also set up a row of two, three, four, or more pendants, depending on the space that you will work with. Perfect above a bar top, kitchen island, dining table, and even at both sides of your bathroom vanity mirror. Install your pendant light fixtures in seven easy steps.
Things You Need:

Pendant Light Fixture

Junction Box

Drywall saw or Saws All


DIY Steps in Installing a Pendant Light:


Step 1: Turn the power off.

For your safety, make sure that you turn the power off at the circuit breaker box before you begin with this home improvement project. This is usually found in the garage or the basement.


Step 2: Remove the old ceiling light fixture.

Uninstall the old light fixture from the area where you will be introducing your new ceiling pendant. To remove the bulbs and the existing light fixture, unscrew the hardware from the ceiling.


Step 3: Disconnect all the wires.

You will need to disconnect all the wires of the existing light fixture from the ceiling, to allow you to remove the entire fixture.


Step 4: Install a new junction box.

A new junction box needs to be installed into the area where the new ceiling pendant will be mounted. Basically, you will have to cut a hole into the drywall using a saws all or a drywall saw. Make sure that the hole is large enough to insert the junction box in it. Generally, the size of the hole is about 2 inches by 4 inches, but there are many different styles so measure this prior to cutting the drywall. Use the existing hardware to secure it in.


Step 5: Secure the mounting bracket to the junction box.

Run all of the electrical wiring through the junction box. You will need these to connect the new pendant light in the succeeding step. Use a mounting bracket to securely hang the ceiling pendant onto the ceiling. Most pendant light kits include a mounting bracket to be attached to the junction box with the use of bolts and screws.


Step 6: Wire the new pendant lighting to the junction box and the mounting bracket.

Start wiring the new ceiling pendant to the junction box and the mounting bracket, making sure that the wires match. Use a wire nut to connect each wire to its match. Ensure that you don’t cross wire anything by attaching the colored wires to their matching colors.


Step 7: Mount the pendant light.

After the wires have been connected to their matches and fastened with wire nuts, push them up into the junction box hidden from the ceiling pendant light fixture. Then attach the light fixture onto the mounting bracket using bolts or screws and nuts. Check and ensure that the pendant lighting is steadily mounted. Switch the power back on at the circuit breaker.





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