How to Select the Right Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

One way to add a touch of subtle sophistication to your home’s exterior is with outdoor hanging lanterns. The right choice of hanging lanterns can greatly help enhance home interiors and garden landscapes. If you are planning to purchase hanging lanterns, you need to determine their usage and placement first. By doing so, it will be easier for you to look for the right style and size for your outdoor lanterns. Here are other important considerations to take when selecting your light fixtures:



The biggest mistake that is made when choosing outdoor lighting is picking light fixtures that are too small. If you are replacing old fixtures, do not assume that you will just need to get the same size as the original ones. Also remember that the light being emitted in the showroom will only look half that size in the actual setting, so when deciding between two sizes, choose the larger one.


If the hanging lantern is for your front door, select one that would be bigger than the rest of your outdoor lighting. The front door is the main entrance of your home, so it should have the most impressive light fixture. A good rule of thumb when choosing lighting for your front door is for the fixture to be 1/3 the height of the door. If you intend to install two fixtures, one at each side of the door, then the size should be ¼ the height of the door. It is helpful to cut a piece of cardboard and hold it up to the house to help you visualize the size.



Pick a color that will complement the color scheme of your home’s exterior. Hanging lanterns in bronze finish are the most popular among earth tones. Black is also appropriate for most exterior design. White can be too striking even on houses with white trim.




Most contemporary homes incorporate a mix of several styles. To get the best style for your exterior hanging lanterns, identify the key architectural features of your home and base your selection on those. Prioritize the front door when you’re choosing different light fixtures as this is the most important door. You can move on and select the rest once you’re done with this part. Choose fixtures that will complement the one you picked for the front door to be consistent.



A total of 60 to 70 watts for fixtures with incandescent light or 20 watts for those with compact fluorescent lights or CFLs is ideal for outdoor decorative illumination. Avoid using bulbs that are brighter than what is needed for your space, doing so will increase glare which would be worse if your fixtures are made of clear glass.


Energy Savings

Whenever you can, it is recommended to opt for energy-saving lighting such as CFLs. These may cost a bit higher when purchasing them, but in the long run they will prove to help you save more compared to incandescent bulbs. CFLs and LEDs are energy efficient, lowering your electricity bill. They also have a longer lifespan, with CFLs lasting 10,000 hours and LEDs 50,000 hours which are both significantly higher relative to 1,200 hours expected of incandescent bulbs.


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