Set Your Clocks Back, But Push Your Style Forward with Decorative New Wall Clocks and Top Lighting Design Trends


40377 La Salle wall clock from Cooper ClassicsSet  your style fashion-forward with the best new decorative accessories and top lighting design trends…..


Fall back, but fashion forward!


Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday November 3rd and most of the Northern Hemisphere will “gain” an extra hour as clocks are set back. 


There has been much debate over whether or not DST should exist.  Many individuals claim that they feel out-of-sorts and off-kilter with the time change, even if it is only an hour difference.


Individual biorhythms may be negatively affected to some degree and actually there is no proof that DST saves on energy costs or reduces early evening accidents. Still, most of us in the Northeast will enjoy an extra hour of rest in the morning following the end of daylight saving time!


Even better than an extra hour of sleep—These decorative new wall clocks will get you up to speed with high style and timely design trends.


Cooper Classics presents “Thurston”…Natural elements and a rich, rustic finish update this timepiece, showcasing one of the hottest fashion trends for 2014:

40406Thurston wall clock from Cooper Classics
















For those obsessed with wrist watches, something inventive to add to your collection, “Hambish” from Cooper Classics presents a brilliantly weathered finish and a nostalgic sophistication:


40443Hambish wall clock from Cooper



And, for the city that never sleeps…decorative new wall clocks highlight New York City with class and sophistication:  “New York, New York” from Sterling Industries:

118-037 New York New York clock from Sterling Industries


40434 Brazos wall clock from cooper




Wooden accents accompany the best new light fixture finishes in this artistic crystal chandelier from Currey and Company.


9051 Crystal with wood accents, chandelier by designer Lillian August for Currey and Company





176-13 Chimera wall light from Corbett


ac1340bl Berlinetta from Artcraft with Blue glass

Stay-tuned for more of the season’s best light fixture finishes, decorative new wall clocks and top lighting design trends for 2014.




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