A Star-Spangled Salute to Framburg and Hanover Lantern


Oh, say can we see…by the Country’s top selling light!


1069 Compass from Framburg

“Compass” chandelier from Framburg




2529 Jamestown chandelier from Framburg

“Jamestown” chandelier from Framburg



2332 Chloe 33 inch chandelier

“Chloe” from Framburg with Champagne Mesh shades and a Mahogany Bronze finish





lo_b9030 Avalon Large Post lamp

“Avalon” large post lantern from Philips Hanover Lantern


H.A. Framburg and Philips Hanover Lantern: Two top lighting vendors that epitomize American idealism, a great work ethic, and outstanding illumination.


H.A Framburg Continues to Shine O’er the Land of the Free


•Framburg has kept America shining for over 100 years.


•Serving the military through WWI and WWII, Framburg provided search lights for the armed forces.


•Framburg continues to provide American-made military-grade lighting products.


•Framburg’s latest lighting compositions include grand ceiling fixtures and chandeliers, outdoor lighting sconces and superb outdoor post lighting fixtures hand-crafted exclusively in the USA.




Hanover Lantern Brings American History to Light


“Abington” from Hanover Lantern


•Hanover Lantern took root in 1970 when Donald Hoffman, a Navy man who served aboard a WWII ship making patterns for castings, returned home to the historic town of Gettysburg, PA and opened a pattern shop.


•Hoffman’s three sons expanded the pattern making business, designing lanterns to be sold in local souvenir shops.


•Bolstered by the success of their gift lantern business, the three brothers purchased a local foundry to custom design outdoor lighting post fixtures and wall lanterns.


•Hanover Lantern becomes Philips Hanover Lantern in 2008 after being acquired by Philips, the largest lighting manufacturer in the world.


•Philips Hanover Lantern has become a leading American manufacturer of made-to-order cast aluminum outdoor lighting products, as well as matching accessories such as mailboxes and address signs, and residential, landscape and commercial grade products.


augusta_b13272 outdoor wall light from Hanover Lantern


“Augusta” outdoor wall light from Hanover Lantern



A commitment to creating American-made, top-quality lighting products and maintaining old world values keeps top vendors—H.A. Framburg and Philips Hanover Lantern–shining bright.



9725 Rhapsody chandelier from Framburg

“Rhapsody” chandelier from Framburg



5392 oracle chandelier framburg

“Oracle” mini chandelier from Framburg



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