Step into Spring a Little Lighter

Are you looking to shed some weight and lighten up for the spring season?  Let’s start with your home.  You may not be aware of it, but your home–including furniture layout and lighting design–could be weighing you down.

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We have some style tips that are sure to enliven your environment and provide the perfect springtime pick-me-up!

First, take inventory of your surroundings and see what areas are weighing you down.  Take a visual tour through each room and make a note of spaces that make you feel good, as well as rooms that bring a pall over your consciousness and zap your energy.

Once you’ve identified the areas of your home that need some sprucing up, consult our list of style tips to see where you can make your home a little lighter…

Style Tips to Make your Home a Little Lighter

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  • Source up with flattering luminescence:  Don’t only look at the decorative composition of your lighting fixtures; consider the illumination, too.  From artistic shadowing to best color temperature—your illumination has a huge impact on how you visualize your space, how you look and how you feel. 
Bulbs in the warm white range (between 2700K-3500K) are flattering to most skin tones.
  • Avoid lighting fatigue:  Lighting fatigue occurs when an entire room stagnates at a single light level–think of a hospital room where all the illumination comes from one central fluorescent ceiling fixture.  Having a variety of controlled light settings for general, task and accent lighting will ensure that you have the precise amount of light wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Create interest and depth:  Add portable table and floor lamps that range in height. The trick is to provide light from various elevations. Consider installing a group of pendant lights at different heights over nightstands or dining tables.
  • Show off a few of your favorite things:  Shine a light on favorite items around your home.  This will also help eliminate lighting fatigue as it introduces a new light level and provides shadowing effects.
  • Score points for playfulness: Professional lighting designers like to pull out a few key items to spotlight. Illuminating across large vertical surfaces, such as a textured or painted wall, can revitalize the space and make a room feel larger. Simply positioning an uplight on the floor behind a plant or piece of furniture can also add depth to your interior design.
  • Customize from neon colors to room dividing rail lighting, LED track, rail and strip lighting is easily customizable to provide a wonderful venue for personalizing your home with style.  The slim size of the LED light source offers endless possibilities to decorate with illumination from front steps and staircases to walls and ceilings!

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