Step-by-Step Guide in Installing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Installing an outdoor ceiling fan is a project that you can do by yourself without hiring a licensed electrician. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install an outdoor ceiling fan to help you perform this task successfully.


Before you start with the installation, you need to make sure that you’re mounting the ceiling fan in the proper location outdoors. You need to take note that outdoor ceiling fans are either wet-rated or damp-rated, and these two classifications are important factors to consider when deciding where to hang the fan. Wet-rated ceiling fans are designed for porches, patios, and gazebos or any other area outside your home that do not have a covering. Damp-rated ceiling fans, on the other hand, can only be installed in areas that have less exposure to water. For instance, damp-rated outdoor ceiling fans may be installed in covered patios where rain or snow would not reach the fan. Other places where you can install damp-rated ceiling fans are in your porch, a semi-covered gazebo, and an outdoor dining room.

Now that we have differentiated between these two types of ceiling fans, we can now go ahead with the installation. Here are the basic steps for installing an outdoor ceiling fan:


Step #1:

Install the outlet boxes, electrical wiring, and base plate following the National Electrical Code and your local codes for installing ceiling fans. For this particular step, you may want to hire an electrician if you have not had any previous experience doing this.


Step #2:

Follow the manufacturer’s directions and assemble the fan blades. If there are any motor blocks attached to the motor, remove these and discard. Assemble the blades to the mounting brackets.


Step #3:

Check the manufacturer’s instructions and prepare the fan motor assembly accordingly. You will need to prep the base plate for a direct mount or connect the down rods for a dropped mount.


Step #4:

Switch off the electricity. Hang the ceiling fan motor assembly onto the base plate. Wire the fan to the electrical system.


Step #5:

Connect the blades to the motor. Make sure that you secure all of the screws. You may need to perform this step earlier in the installation process depending on your brand of outdoor ceiling fan, although this is normally not the case. This is why you need to make sure that you check and follow the manufacturer’s step-by-step instructions.


Step #6:

Attach the switch-housing to the fan. If you have a light kit, assemble this and mount it onto the switch-housing. Do this also for any glass light covers and the appropriate light bulbs.


Step #7:

After the fan is completely assembled, switch the electricity back on and test all of the connections. Make sure that they are functioning properly.


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