Style Guide: Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Inspiration Board

With strong contours and “no nonsense” composition, Mid-century Modern design has made a comeback! Mid-Century Modern can be infused into your home with elegance and ease through various home accessories, furniture, and lighting.

Identified by a clean simplicity, natural elements, embodying an industrial feel and a minimalistic composure, Mid-century Modern is less formal and deeply nostalgic. Art imitates life with integrity to design, rich texture and an abundance of natural light.

Get the Mid-Century Modern Look

Design the perfect space by pulling together the following elements to create this retro look!


  • Hues: deep browns, muted grays and rich earth tones – check out Sherwin-Williams Retro Revival Paint Collection below – the colors are spot on!
  • Texture:  natural wood grain, clear glass, metal, concrete, industrial materials
  • Composition: long lines, geometric forms, steel frames, open beams, walls of glass, flat or gently sloping rooflines, open space, hard edges, definitive shapes
  • Design inspiration: Nature, Urban Modern, Arts & Crafts style, Scandinavian influences, Organic Minimalism
  • Light sources:  LED, nostalgia bulbs

Sherwin Williams Retro Revival Paint Collection

With an emphasis on satisfying a need and serving a purpose this style design looks to enhance the enjoyment of living space for residents.  Uncluttered and distinct in form, Mid-Century Modern represents an intense and welcome departure from the ornate “fussy” interior décor of the Victorian era.

Make Mid-Century Modern work in this century with select pieces throughout the home. The architecture, furniture and accessories feature products that are functional and user-friendly—items to be seen, touched and appreciated for their natural essence.

This now retro design soared in the United States during the Modernist boon of the 1950s and 1960s.  Some of the best examples of Mid-century Modern are seen in homes in Palm Springs, CA.

Last century’s style is making a comeback in this century and we are starting to see more homes and decor infused with Mid-Century Modern.  Uncluttered and distinct the mid-century modern lighting and décor blend well with traditional, as well as modern contemporary style.

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