Summer Zen Lamp Styles

Still waiting to enjoy your summer vacation? Craving just one day of relaxation?


Find the right table lamps and bring the Zen feeling home…

01023002 yoga lamp haha abroad


Porcelain Yoga Lamps from Lladro


01023006 Yoga li lamp from Lladro


5 Light Tips to Relaxation


1.  Avoid glaring overhead illumination.

2.  Update with top-quality dimming and automated control systems.

3. Opt for soothing and flattering light sources with CRI (color rendering index) of 85 +.

4.  Stick with one style and continue the same theme throughout your home lighting design.

5.  Find just the right accent lamps to express your individual taste.


Visit with a professional lighting consultant for help in designing your home or office with the most soothing illumination.  New lamp styles, light fixtures and decorative accessories are available at Capitol Lighting showrooms or  Bring the Zen feeling home with top quality illumination and smart lighting design.


Top Pics include:


ls-20750ps Relaxar table lamp from Lite Source


“Relaxar” table lamp from Lite Source





233t03zg Varaluz tl Zen glass

Creatively crafted and eco-friendly table lamp with “Zen Gold” finish from Varaluz Lighting






4089-12 Natural wood fl Walden Adesso

“Walden” floor lamp from Adesso Lighting, an adjustable and natural holistic design




Visit for the best in home lighting and accessories.  Enjoy your summer vacation and create your most soothing environment with superb new lamp styles. 




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